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Acer Predator 15 g9-593 (GTX 1060)

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Acer Predator 15 g9-593 (GTX 1060) – Acer uses the latest Pascal GPUs from Nvidia for Predator 15. We also got some additional features that were missing from the previous models. The design of the bulky 15-inch gaming notebook is still a matter of taste, though. This is already the third iteration of the Acer Predator 15, and the two predecessors (G9-591 & G9-592) managed good scores in our reviews (86 and 84%, respectively). Now, we will have a look at the current Predator 15 G9-593. Besides minor visual changes, Acer updated the hardware primarily the graphics card. The latest Predator is now available with Pascal GPUs from Nvidia as well.

Our test model with the designation Predator 15 G9-593-765Q is currently the high-end SKU of the series. For around 2,500 Euros (~$2660), you will get a quad-core processor from Intel and the mighty GeForce GTX 1060 combined with a G-Sync Full HD IPS display (15.6-inch). The system does not have to hide in terms of memory equipment, either, because a total of 16 GB RAM (DDR4-2400) and a dual-storage solution consisting of a 512 GB SDD and a 1 TB HDD is pretty good.

What’s in the Box?

In addition to the notebook, its box covers a robust mount (Chicony A12-230P1A), which delivers 230W (19.5V, 11.8A), and the old-style FrostCore fan. The latter can be exchanged for the DVD optical drive, which you perhaps won’t need (like ever). It will be stimulating to see if (and how much) the FrostCore unit can reduce the interior temperatures during high load. We’ll check that a bit more in the review.

Acer Predator 15 G9-593 (GTX 1060)

Acer Predator 15 G9-593 (GTX 1060)

First, look at the Acer Predator 15 G9 593, armed with GTX 1060.

Acer Predator 15 G9 593 is an influential gaming laptop from a famous manufacturer.

It has an Intel Core i7-8750H processor, 16GB RAM, and 256 GB SSD.

A 15.6-inch IPS board display provides 1920 x 1080 resolution for beautiful visuals.

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphic postcard with 6GB of GDDR5 VRAM ensures smooth gaming presentation.

Connectivity options comprise Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 4.2. This laptop is well-equipped to deliver countless gaming experiences.

Features of Acer Predator 15 g9-593 (GTX 1060)

Don’t get burned by the heat and pressure of hardcore gaming. Keep calm with advanced thermal technology.

Keep Cool

Inject some Cooler Master cold to keep the heat down and presentation up. Swap in Predator Frost Core for penetrating gaming sessions.

Kill Lag

We could all use a slightly less lag income control of your internet connection with Killer Double Shot Pro.


Intergalactic battlecruisers inspired hard angles and aggressive accents.


Architecturally designed air exhaust vents ensure a bold look from any angle.

Make It Yours

Predator Sense software offers advanced gaming nips for a unique gaming experience.

Sound Pound 2.1

Predator Sound Pound 2.1 boasts two speakers, a powerful subwoofer, and Dolby Audio for deep sound immersion.

Review Acer Predator 15 g9-593 (gtx 1060)

Review Acer Predator 15 g9-593 (gtx 1060)

Not every update has to be from the ground up. Likened with the first version we studied last year, the new Acer Marauder 15 (G9-593-72VT) (starts at $1,499; $1,699.99 as verified) adds an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card—but doesn’t alteration much else, including the bulky chassis and the bland console backlighting. Better graphics do mean better gaming presentation, though, and overall, the Predator 15 brings good value. But for $100 additional, our Editors’ Excellent in this price range, the HP Sign 17, gets you quicker overall performance, a more robust GTX 1070 graphics card, a superior 4K shade, and a somewhat slimmer design.

Design and Construction

G9-593’s predecessor, Acer Predator 15 g9-593 (GTX 1060) (a minor upgrade named G9-592), had nearly the same design as the latest model we’re looking at today. If you’re in front of the two laptops, chances are you won’t find any difference. The most notable one is on the back side the central exhaust vents have been massively redesigned and now are much more violent. Except for the rear side, the G9-593 looks attractive, much the same as its precursor, and that’s not bad at all – both have fantastic-looking and functional designs.

img_2679The keyboard is “Island Style” (chiclet) with long essential travel, distinct feedback, three backlight color zones, and a large area – 15.5 x 15.5 mm (0.61” x 0.61”). The arrow keys have enough space around them, so you can comfortably play competing games if you don’t have a wheel.


“The last Predator cohort with Acer Predator 15 g9-593 (GTX 1060) GPU remained a great hit, and this was the laptop that proved that Acer can build one of the best gaming pads on the market” (quoted from page LaptopMedia). Last year (2016), the announcement of the Predator 15 aimed at the gaming segment is the most apparent evidence of Acer for the statement above. With improved performance and reduced price, the Acer Predator 15 is built in a 15-inch solid chassis with the high-end Intel Core i7 computer and Pascal-technology Nvidia GeForce graphics card. Despite minor flaws, this one might be one of the most favorite laptops for gaming.


Regarding the design, page TechRadar said that the Acer Marauder 15 boasted an entirely inconvenient design: “It’s awkward and clumsy to lug about, what with its ventilation system protruding from the rear.” With the same opinion, the critic from page NotebookCheck also showed that the update had not changed the violent design with its red visual elements and the red light. Also, from this sheet, only the fan exhaust at the rear differs slightly from the old model, but we will have to see both plans to notice the differences. However, according to page PC World,

“The 15-inch model, whose sleek, rubberized malleable shell looks calm and does a fantastic job of repelling prints. It’s huge: 15 inches extensive and 12 inches deep, and just a splash over 8 pounds, not including its sizable power brick”. Similarly, the page Digital Trends left a positive remark that the Predator 15 was an aesthetic we needed to see a thousand times, and some elements were starting to show their age. Specifically, as said on page Computer Shopper, “The difficult, edgy exterior is predominantly black, with red pronunciations.

The spiky silver Marauder logo is positioned in the center of the lid and recurrent under the show. The logo on the spinal of the lit in red remains the two stripes flanking either side.” “But on the side, the laptop appearances are pretty much the same as its predecessor, and that’s not bad at all both have an overwhelming look and a useful design” (Laptop Media).


They feature a 15-inch 1080p shade and about 141 pixels per inch. As an appraisal on page Digital Trends, the Predator’s IPS panel brings rich, lifelike colors with a lively contrast ratio capable of competing with much bigger and more luxurious desktop displays. In a similar perspective, “Contrary to its larger sibling Acer Predator 17, the Marauder 15 is only obtainable with a Full HD IPS panel. 1920 x 1080 pixels consequences in a pixel thickness of 141 PPI on the 15.6-inch screen, which is a decent compromise between acuity and size”, stated Notebook Check. In addition, the new Marauder 15, as a comment on page PC Mag, adds provision for Nvidia’s G-Sync technology, which organizes the frame rates of the display with those of the willing we are playing to decrease screen tearing and give us a smoother gaming experience.

The Computer Shopper showed their mind for this display: “We have nothing to complain about regarding its picture quality. The colors are vibrant, with excellent contrast. There’s plenty of illumination for most situations, even limited outside use, and the display’s matte surface keeps reflections at bay”. Also, for Laptop Media, Acer Predator 15 has a perfect screen, which is expected considering that they’re testing a high-end machine. It has excellent brightness, contrast, and watching angles. The resolution is Full HD, and they think it is ideal for a 17-inch screen.

Trackpad and Keyboard

Evaluated from page PCWorld, the Marauder 15 has room to replace a full-size keyboard with several gaming-centric features such as an LED strip everywhere the trackpad, red solutions for WASD and directional arrows, and customizable backlighting. Moreover, the island-style keys from a mechanical keyboard fan are straightforward to type with. The input devices did not differ from the precursors, so NotebookCheck abridged the most important aspects: “The floodlit chiclet keyboard is one of the better inputs on the market, and persuades with a comfortable typing experience thanks to the suitability key travel.” Yet, TechRadar showed a complaint that the membrane keyboard and trackpad both feel relatively decent to the touch, but they’re nonentity special. Anyway, “This is a great keyboard; it’s a joy to use, and it even topographies a full-sized numpad. It won’t put a motorized desktop keyboard to shame, but it feels irritable and responsive” (DigitalTrends).


The major update for this Marauder 15 is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card. (The 2.6GHz Intel Core i7-6700HQ computer is the same.) Newer visual cards almost always result in a bump in performance, and we saw that on our 3D and betting tests, which were likened to the preceding Predator 15. On 3DMark Cloud Gate, the new model counted a reputable 23,827 points, up after 22,872, and better from 4,355 to 5,161 on the more concentrated Fire Strike Extreme.

It was too on par with the Alienware 13 (22,990 on Mist Gate, 4,990 on Fire Strike Dangerous), which has the same processor and graphics card, and outdid the most recent Razer Blade, which counted 22,215 on Cloud Gate and 4,120 on Fire Strike Dangerous. But together, the Omen 17 (25,433 on Cloud Gate, 7,118 on Fire Strike Extreme) then the MSI GT62VR (25,278 on Mist Gate; 7,366 on Fire Strike Extreme) scored higher—predictable, as they’re both armed with the GTX 1070.

Predator 15 also returned strong Heaven and Valley gaming test results. At 1,366-by-768 resolve with the graphics quality set to Medium, it averaged 196 edges per second (fps) on Heaven and 103fps on Valley. At 1,920-by-1,080 resolution, and with the graphics excellence increased to Ultra, it is around 68fps and 73fps, correspondingly, on similar tests. That aligns with the MSI GT62VR on the lower-level test (173fps on Bliss, 95fps on Valley). However, that machine brought better scores at higher resolutions (97fps on Paradise, 89fps on Valley). A similar pattern for our Editors’ Choice pick, the HP Omen 17.

Design and Features

Design and Features

This iteration of the Marauder 15 ( at Amazon) seems nearly identical to the previous one: the measurements, the keyboard layout with five devoted macro keys, the screen sizes and resolution, the I/O ports, and the swappable fan module are the same. Please read our appraisal of the Acer Predator 15 g9-593 (GTX 1060) ($1,899.98 at Amazon) for a thorough rundown.

The eagle-eyed might spot one design leaving. Like the new Acer Marauder 17, the vertical grille in the back has been substituted with a more three-sided discharge project. The new laptop is a smidge heavier at 8.26 pounds—technically moveable, but just barely; the MSI GT62VR Dominator Pro-005 ( at Amazon) is around the similar size (it’s 1.56 by 15.36 by 10.47 ins, HWD, to the Acer’s 1.52 by 15.39 by 11.79 inches). Still, it weighs noticeably less (6.45 pounds).

Pressing Button 5 on the keyboard transports up the PredatorSense GameBar, which lets you start up the Xbox app, the best video of your shade, take screenshots, or expose the Settings page. In addition, the new Predator 15 supports Nvidia’s G-Sync technology, which organizes the frame rates of the display with persons of the game you’re playing to decrease screen tearing and give you a smoother gaming experience.


The Acer Predator 15 g9-593 (GTX 1060) is a 15-inch laptop that is now selling for $1,849.00. The Acer Predator 15 G9-593-71EH is the most popular notebook with a 15-inch display size. This model provides a lot of space for entertainment and is great for working. At the same time, the notebook’s dimensions have become less portable and are not very convenient to carry. The image quality is relatively sharp for notebooks. The Predator 15 G9-593-71EH has a perfect 1920×1080 display resolution.

The Acer Predator 15 G9-593-71EH has a great Quad-Core Intel Core i7 (7th Gen) 7700HQ computer that runs at a 2.8 GHz clock speed. As it uses four cores, it will be very good at multitasking.


Acer Predator 15 g9-593 (GTX 1060) – There’s nothing new with the Predator 15, but Acer has improved gaming performance on an excellent laptop. There are snazzier replicas out there with more robust components, better displays, and sleeker designs; for just $100 more, the HP Sign 17 will get you an even better visuals card, a 17-inch 4K screen, and it considers more than 2 pounds less so that leftovers our Editor’s Choice. But if the extra juice, weight, and gamer aesthetic matter less to you than redeemable the extra money, you won’t be “settling” for this Acer Marauder 15.

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