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Akhanda (2021) HDRip Telugu Full Movie Watch Movierulz

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Akhanda Movierulz

Akhanda Movierulz

Akhanda (2021) is an Indian Telugu-language action drama film written and directed by Boyapati Srinu. Released on December 2, 2021. And also, the film opened to mixed reviews from critics, with praise for Balakrishna’s performance as Aghora but criticism for the screenplay. However, the film was commercially successful with over Rs 150 crore at the box office and became the second-highest-grossing Telugu film. It is also the highest-grossing film of Balakrishna’s career.

Details of the Akhanda Movierulz Movie

Director: Boyapati Srinu

Writer: Boyapati Srinu, and also M. Rathnam (dialogues)

Producer: Miryala Ravinder Reddy

Star Cast:           

Nandamuri Balakrishna

Pragya Jaiswal

Jagapathi Babu

And also, Srikanth

Cinematography: C. Ram Prasad

Editor: Kotagiri Venkateshwara Rao and also Tammiraju

Music: S. Thaman

Production Company: Dwaraka Creations

Release Date: 2 December 2021

Running Time: 167 minutes

Country: India

Language: Telugu

Budget:  ₹60–70 crore

And also, Box Office: est. ₹ 156 crore

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More About the Akhanda Movierulz

More About the Akhanda Movierulz

Gajendra Bahu is a wanted bandit on the run from the police. During the clash between Gajendra’s men and the police, Gajendra is injured by Gajendra’s ammunition and is thrown into the water. He manages to find refuge in a temple under the guidance of a guru. Gajendra murders the guru and becomes a priest of the temple. Gajendra is now a powerful crime kingpin running organized crime and illegal mining in Andhra Pradesh. Meanwhile, Ramachandraiah and his wife are holy with twins, one of whom is stillborn.

Suddenly, an Aghora arrives while the mother is asleep and reveals to Ramachandraiah that the stillborn child has a peaceless destiny that leads to the destruction of all evil, which coincides with Lord Shiva’s. Ramachandraiah delivers the dead child to the Aghora.

The Aghora drops the boy into another Aghora’s bag as he ponders and quickly walks away. The child, placed in the temple of Lord Shiva, comes to life after a drop of holy water from the swinging gopuram falls on the child and the child is brought up under the protection of the Aghoras and eventually grows up under their aegis. Of Lord Shiva and names the child Akhanda Rudra Sikandar Aghora alias Akhanda. The other kid grows up as Murali Krishna.

Murali Krishna confronts Varadarajulu and his men and swears to save the village. Varadarajulu approaches Gajendra, who hatches a plan and plants bombs inside the hospital belonging to Murali Krishna. The explosion kills many people in the hospital, including central minister A. Bharath Reddy. He is then detained by NIA officer Krishnamacharya Perumal, accused of murdering the minister.

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More Info

more info

Meanwhile, the Varadarajulu thugs pursue Saranya and her daughter to kill them. Saranya flees with her sick daughter to an ancient cave that houses an ancient temple of Lord Shiva and encounters Akhanda, who is now an Aghora, with supernatural powers derived from Lord Shiva. Akhanda, being a sign of Rudra, annihilates the thugs and protects Saranya and her daughter. Hearing of this, Gajendra and Varadarajulu ask Ranjan and his men to kill Saranya and her daughter, along with the rest of the family. Still, Akhanda arrives and kills all the officers except Ranjan.

Akhanda interrupts Gajendra’s rite by killing Ranjan and warns him. Gajendra then goes to Prachanda who is a Tantric Kapalik to kill Akhanda. Meanwhile, Akhanda finds Padmavati in a river and brings her back to life. Varadarajulu and Gajendra discovered that she wanted to expose their illegal activities through her yogic powers, and Gajendra killed her and threw her into the river. And also, after seeing all of this through his mystical vision, Akhanda arrives at the mines and kills Varadarajulu’s men and kills Varadarajulu.

Akhanda initiates the ritual, and Gajendra and his men interrupt it by throwing weapons. Akhanda endures the pain and completes the pattern. Saranya’s daughter comes back to life. Lord Shiva enters Akhanda, manifests Akhanda with mighty Shiva powers, and wreaks havoc on Gajendra and his men.

Murali Krishna arrives and joins Akhanda in the battle. Akhanda destroys and kills Gajendra and beheads Prachanda. Murali Krishna joins his family, and Saranya’s daughter asks Akhanda to stay with her family. Still, Akhanda does not agree and promises the boy that he will come when he is on the verge of death and destruction.

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