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Architects and Building Regulations: Why Are They Important?

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Architects and Building Regulations

Building regulations are a legal requirement in most states. Before you break ground for your new project, you must inform the local authority and get a planning permit. Once you have the green light to start building, the city or town will send an inspector to check on the project and see if it meets standards.

Upon successful completion of the project, you will receive building regulations approval certificate. You might be wondering, where does an architect come in getting building regulations approval?

Some builders debate whether or not to hire an architect. Architects and building regulations go hand in hand. Here, you will learn the role architect play in securing building regulations approval.

Process of Obtaining a Building Regulations Approval

The process of getting a building regulations approval is intense and can take time depending on the size of the project. You can hire a professional building inspector that’s certified by the state to help you during this process.

The first phase of the project involves getting your building regulations plans and specifications. You also need to have the structural engineering design and calculations ready. Here is where an architect working alongside a quantity surveyor and structural engineer come into play.

Documents with errors will be rejected by the local authority. Hiring professionals to help you design your structure is vital. Ensure that you work with a certified architect with relevant years of experience and a good understanding of the state’s building and regulation laws.

After that, the inspector will test the soil to see if it is suitable for geotechnical design. While they’re at it, they will check if your project will affect any existing public sewer connections and grant you build-over permissions.

You will also need to get CDM health and safety regulations advice to prevent accidents during construction. The regulations take care of all risks that may happen and possible remedies. The last step is tendering and project management.

Why Building Regulations Approval is Important

As mentioned, building regulations are legal requirements. You have also seen the role that architects play when obtaining building regulations. Building inspectors will visit the construction site periodically to review progress and check if the structure is following the state’s codes.

Not applying for building regulations approval can have dire consequences. You may get charged in a court of law plus pay a hefty fine. You will also be forced to halt the project until you apply for the building regulations approval.

Building regulations are meant to protect future occupants of the structure. The regulations will ensure the building meets all the safety standards. Besides safety, the project must have accessibility options, especially if it is for public use.

Also, when it comes to selling the property, buyers will request the building regulations certificate.

Wrapping Up

Architects and building regulations play a significant role in construction. The architect will ensure that all of the structural drawings are up-to-date and meet the city’s codes of construction. We recommend hiring a professional planning and building regulations expert to help you during this process.

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