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The Six Applications of Makeup Concealer

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Concealer That a dark circle concealer is just a dark circle concealer? No way! Of course, this is the primary function of the corrector, but there is a trick! To be a natural makeup expert, you need to have a super command of this product: know how to apply the concealer, choose the perfect one for you, no other functions that you can give it to enhance your makeup to the maximum. We will tell you everything! Ready to erase all your imperfections and to improve your makeup to the fullest

Did you think that the apps of make concealer was only for covering under-eye circles? Well no! How to apply concealer to get the best makeup results has its tricks. We tell you the most surprising ways to incorporate concealer into your daily makeup and surprise you with the results. Keep the concealer in your bag, and. Triumph with your makeup!


If you have a lot of pimples and enlarged pores, use concealer to cover the imperfections before applying your usual makeup, applying the product directly to your blemishes, scars, acne, small wrinkles. You can unify the colour of your face and smooth your skin.

2. Eyeshadow Base

Before applying your eye shadow, the corrector is ideal to unify the tone of your eyelid. Also, the pigmentation of your eyeshadow will be exactly as it appears on the palette, and it will last longer! How to apply the concealer to get it? Easy! All you have to do is use a little to the movable eyelid and blend it with your fingertips.

3. Tear, Eyebrow And Cupid Bow Highlighter

The main points of light on the face. Therefore, to brighten your look and accentuate your eyes, apply some it one shade lighter than the one you used on the dark circles and apply it to the inner corner of the eye, the arch of the eyebrows and the cupid’s bow. Mix it properly, so there are no stains or cuts.

4. Makeup Concealer

Did you put on lipstick and go a little over the line? Did you overdo it with the eyeliner? No requirement to remove your makeup and start over! Use the concealer with the help of a brush to correct the makeup imperfections, and voila! It’s that easy to apply it to fix makeup.

  1. Shape your Face

If you love El Eraser concealer as we do, you’ll want to use it for contouring too. As it has a very easy to use applicator, apply a darker shade on the lower part of the cheekbones, along the hairline and also on the nostrils if desired, and a lighter shade on the bridge of the nose. on top of the cheekbones, in the middle of the forehead and on the septum. Then all that’s left is blurring!

  1. Lip Base

There goes the bomb. You can use the concealer on the lips too! As you hear, using it on the lips has two effects. First, the tone of the lipstick we use stands out much more. And secondly, the lipstick lasts much longer.

Have you seen how applying concealer doesn’t just work to cover up dark circles, pimples and blemishes? It is our favourite option to unify the tone of our faces and hide slight imperfections. Carry it in your pocket!

3 Essential Hacks When Applying The Concealer

When applying it for dark circles, there are many mistakes to be aware. And there are also some deceits you can use to get great results:

  1. Before applying foundation and It, it is crucial to first moisturize the area with a serum or moisturizer suitable for your skin type. Your makeup will be more than perfect.
  2. When applying your foundation, avoid the areas where you will later use the concealer. In this way, you prevent the makeup layer from becoming thicker and, therefore, the skin is not perfect.
  3. Wait for your skin to absorb the concealer before following the rest of your makeup with your makeup.

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