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A Good Classroom – Creating a A Good Classroom Environment

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We all had prayed in our childhood to have a good classroom in the school and we all know that the result was not so satisfying. It is so because as children we have so many fantasies and in class, we have to just study being out of our wonderland. Students have to complete their homework time and perform well in the class as a topper and as good students.

A good classroom consists of so many things, a lot of factors which collaborate together to make a class good for the students. Keeping this side tutors do many such things which make the future of the kids and tutors never show the kids that they have done so much for them. But ERP for school clarifies that still, teachers don’t stop giving their 100% in order to teach students as much as they can and simultaneously students also put their complete effort in order to learn what is taught by their teachers in the classroom.

Students should never take classroom learning lightly at any cost. Tutors find it very important to practice mindfulness in the classroom. It is so because these days kids are anxious and are stressed too due to the burden of such heavy learning patterns and course material. It is suggested by the ERP for school that whenever a child feels safe, comfortable and relaxed then he or she learns the best. Being mindful that a student can achieve so much in his academic life that he or she will be able to get all his/her dreams to come true.

Creating a A Good Classroom Environment

Creating a A Good Classroom Environment

Students often are facing bullying in a small age in school and high school which is diminishing their self-confidence and also breaking their wish to come to the school and learn. This happens because some tutors don’t wish to teach the kids, they only want to earn money in the name of teaching though they sometimes know nothing about teaching also. Although in online learning strict rules are made LMS portals are provided to students because LMS portals help and keep the students safe. Tutors are those authoritative people who have control over the classroom.

Students expect affection, care and love from them, not punitive actions from time to time. It is so because Tutors have command of the whole class and they manage everything in the class under their jurisdiction. So, this is the duty of the tutor to make sure that students feel safe there in the class. This can only be complete if the students are made to believe that tutors care for them in reality. Until this trust is built up students will feel scared if they have had this bitter experience in the past.

Teachers should be liable to fix the disciplinary code of conduct in the classroom and also keep the students under those disciplinary codes. Teachers need to look out for those students who look pale in the class and try to steal eyes from anyone and feel safe being cornered in the class. Tutor needs to reach such students and assure them that they are safe in their class.

A Good Classroom

Today parents want their children to be scholars and intelligent in their very tender childhood whereas kids only want to have fun and excitement which is good and appropriate for the kids according to their tender age. These days management of schools is very serious about it and also, and they are decreasing the hectic syllabus of the curriculum so that students can get some relief. Even then kids, right is to enjoy their childhood and jump and pop like small angels. Teachers these days take teaching training but they usually don’t include fun and humour in their teaching. When humour is introduced in any class than it already reduces the stress from the head kids and makes them ready to have fun. Humour brings a sense of pleasure and approval and creates a positive and soothing experience for the students as well as the tutor.

A good classroom is not a simple thing to be created, a tutor needs all the above-stated situations to construct a good classroom where students should feel safe, happy, gain knowledge, get some humour and laugh with their peers and tutors also so that they should not fear in the class instead they should enjoy the class and learn knowledge there also.

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