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Garlic Benefits To Boost Your Health

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The benefits Of Garlic are many, and some points mention how to Grow Garlic. A plant whose underground part is a rounded bulb (head), composed of the union of several bulbils or cloves (commonly known as pods), tightly packed and coated in a parchment envelope, is generally uses as a condiment and, in specific regions or certain countries, as food or medicine

Garlic And Its Multiple Health Benefits

Garlic And Its Multiple Health Benefits

Thanks to its phenolic acids, Garlic is a powerful antiseptic for the digestive and respiratory systems ( nose, throat, and bronchial infections ). Its thinning effect on the blood and its ability to dissolve small clots would slow down the development of atherosclerosis. In addition, its active sulfur ingredients would dilate the coronary arteries, helping to prevent angina pectoris. It reduces cholesterol levels and soothes circulatory disorders, such as high blood pressure. Hypoglycemic, Garlic is also a valuable dietary supplement for people with diabetes.

Consumed regularly, it would help prevent stomach, colon, and rectum cancer and would be effective against intestinal worms. It would also aid digestion by promoting the development of the intestinal flora, thanks to the inulin, a probiotic that it contains naturally.

All these advantages must be added to its preventive and therapeutic effect against colds due to its content of vitamins A, B, C, and E and the presence of allicin, an antibiotic molecule.

Garlic is an ancient traditional remedy. Garlic is used against infections. It reinforces the action of chemical antibiotics and avoids their side effects. Before the invention of antibiotics, Garlic cured all types of diseases, from tuberculosis to typhoid. It was also used to dress wounds during the First World War.

Garlic Tips And Uses

How To Prepare Garlic?

In order to properly remove the peel from the Garlic, it is crush with the flat of a knife. We then removing  the germ that would make the Garlic indigestible and which would be primarily responsible for bad breath. The Garlic is then complete to be cooks and incorporated into various preparations.

Preparation Of The Garlic

This is the name given to the garlic sprout that comes out of the ground in the spring and has not yet begun to form its bulb. It is use to  eat in a salted Croque or lightly steams and drizzle with a vinaigrette, as with leeks. It can also be minced in salads, soups, etc. Look for this product in Asian grocery stores.

It is recommending  to regularly use chop or will  crush cloves of Garlic (or Mayeux) in the kitchen to take advantage of its benefits and strengthen the immune system. It is an excellent tonic. However, it has a bad reputation, justifying  not to ward off vampires, but to give bad breath that the body exhales and can take up to 24 hours to eliminate. To counteract this drawback, pearls containing garlic oil  will be find out  in para pharmacies and specialize shops; they grow the body’s resistance to infections.

To disinfect wounds and ulcers, use a 10% solution of garlic juice with 1 to 2% alcohol, or make garlic vinegar compresses consisting of 30 g of grated Garlic, which you will macerate for ten days in half a liter of vinegar. Finally, against wasp stings and other insects, extract the sting, then rub the stung area with a piece of Garlic. From the cloves of Garlic, we also remove the essential oil of Garlic, which is both antiseptic and antibiotic.

Use Garlic To Spice Up The Dishes

Whole brown cloves of Garlic in oil, remove the Garlic, and coat the pasta with this fragrant oil. Others prefer to add  will crush Garlic to hot noodles with a little melted butter or olive oil.

Cooking The Flower Stalk

To promote the manufacture of the bulb, the flower stalk of the Garlic, with its flower bud, must be cut shortly after its formation. Finely will  chop, it can be using  in preparations, such as garlic butter. It can be set up in jars in delicatessens.

How To Choose The Right Garlic?

How To Choose The Right Garlic_

Garlic is a perennial vegetables plant with a powerful smelling and flavorful bulb. This characteristic taste has earns it the status of one of the significant condiments of French cuisine. The head of Garlic is  will be  make  of several cloves that are very popular in the kitchen. There are several varieties of Garlic, the most public being white Garlic and Purple Garlic.

What Illnesses Does Garlic Treat?

The World Health Organization recognizes Garlic as a complementary treatment to dietary measures aimed at lowering blood lipid levels (cholesterol and triglycerides) and treating respiratory infections, intestinal worms, digestive systems, and osteoarthritis.

Is Garlic Good For The Heart?

It lowers blood pressure by promoting the dilation of the arteries, and it helps reduce the level of bad fats in the blood while thinning it. Properties that make Garlic a faithful ally of the streets and the heart. Providing  you eat it regularly, of course


Garlic is one of the healthiest foods given to us by nature. Its virtues are recognizing  all over the world, and many people use raw Garlic as a remedy to treat and prevent several health problems, including controlling high and low blood pressure, cholesterol, coronary artery disease, heart attacks, reduced blood flow due to narrowing of the coronary arteries and atherosclerosis.

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