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How Much Is A Quarter Of A Million Dollars

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How Much Is A Quarter Of A Million Dollars  –  A quarter-million dollars =  250,000 dollars, 1/4 of a million dollars or a quarter-million-dollar donation

How Much Is A Quarter Of A Million Dollars – In numbers or letters

In prose, large numbers ( one thousand, million, billion, trillion, billiard, trillion, etc. ) are written out in full when not followed by a symbol ( $, m, Hz, etc.):

  • three thousand people
  • ten million inhabitants
  • A thousand million thousand billion thousand ports! (Captain Haddock)

You can also write the number partially in figures and the rest in letters (symbols or other words):

  • buy 2 million barrels of oil (we would not write: 2 M barrels)
  • 50 billion stars (more readable than 50,000,000,000 stars)
  • $9 million (more readable than $9,000,000; hybrid form to avoid: $9 million)
  • 10 million inhabitants (more readable than 10,000,000 inhabitants or inhabitants)
  • 2 billion Canadian dollars (more readable than 3,200,000,000 Canadian dollars)
  • $50B (more readable than $50,000,000,000)
  • $1.5 trillion (more readable than $1,500,000,000,000)

Numbers are generally not written all in digits unless it is an exact number, you want to make a number stand out in a text with a lot of digits, or the number is expressed in thousands:

  • This city has 1,452,058 inhabitants.

With a thousand

Numbers composed of a thousand are preferably written all in letters or all in figures:

  • fifty thousand people (not: 50 thousand people)
  • more than 50,000 people present at a match (and not: 50 k  people)

Sums of money

We write the sums of money in words. It is allowed to combine symbols like k, M, and G with a currency unit symbol in:

  • the tables
  • Financial Statements
  • technical texts

When talking about sums of money, the symbols for large numbers like k, M, and G go after the amount written in digits and are followed by a monetary unit symbol, with no space in between:

  • Five k$
  • 10,2 M$
  • 3,32 G$
  • 3,32 G$ CA
  • 10,2 M$ US
  • 5 k € (in euros)

Currency unit symbols, like all other symbols in typography, never take the plural mark and are used without abbreviations.

Measurement Unit Symbols

The k, M, and G symbols are also used to form measurement unit symbols:

  • kg (kilogram)
  • km (kilometer)
  • MJ (Megajoule
  • GHz (gigahertz)

When a symbol is well known, for example, kg or km, one can write the word in full or use the character. Otherwise, it is better to write the comment in full:

  • The distance between Marathon and Athens is 42.2 kilometers. (or 42.2 km )
  • More than ten megatons of waste were buried under this site. (and not: 10 Mt )

We always put a non-breaking space between the number and the unit of measurement so that they are not separated at the end of the line.

In texts where several numbers appear, for example, in finance, they are put in figures (accompanied by a symbol such as a dollar if necessary) to lighten the text and make them stand out:

  • 3 000 euros
  • 2 000 000 $
  • 2 M$ CA

It is better to avoid certain hybrid forms consisting of a sum written partially or entirely in words and the dollar symbol, such as  $ 3 million.

Number agreement

The words million, billion, trillion, etc. agree in the plural because they are common nouns:

  • five million
  • two hundred billion
  • If there are less than two  million, billion, trillion, etc., these words remain in the singular:
  • 1.5 billion dollars
  • The cardinal numeral thousand is invariable because it is not considered a common noun:
  • two thousand three hundred two dollars
  • The adjectives twenty and one hundred which precede them are variable when another numeral adjective does not follow them:
  • ten billion three  hundred  million dollars
  • ten billion three  hundred  fifty million dollars


  • In traditional spelling, only numbers less than a hundred take the hyphen. So we write, for example:
  • one thousand two hundred eighty-three dollars
  • ten billion three hundred million dollars
  • ten billion three hundred fifty million dollars
  • In new spelling, all parts of a number are hyphenated, including the words thousand, million, billion, etc. This way of writing numbers is therefore also correct:
  • one thousand two hundred and eighty-three dollars
  • ten-billion-three-hundred-million dollars
  • ten-billion-three-hundred-fifty-million dollars

Non-breaking space

Non-breaking space

In principle, we must put a non-breaking space between each block of digits that makes up the number to prevent it from being split at the end of the line. An exception to this rule can be made if space is restricted, in a table, for example.

Singular or plural determiner

If any number does not precede million or billion, a determinant is used in the singular (it then agrees with million or billion ):

Here are the million and a half dollars you won.

The billion and a half stars…

As for the million eight hundred thousand dollars, he told us about… [ au is the contraction of à + le ]

We use a determinant in the plural if the number one precedes million or billion (it then agrees with dollars ):

Here are the one million five hundred thousand dollars that you won.

As for the one  million eight hundred thousand dollars, he told you about… [ aux is the contraction of à + less ]

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