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Introduction – For those of you who consume an online store site such by way of using the Open cart, Presta shop, WHMCS, Joom Shopping, Magento, Virtue mart stages or in Woo Commerce (WordPress) you can transmit out the integration process by downloading the plugins obtainable directly in the Duitku certification to find the various payment method options obtainable, one of which is Bank Neo Trade (BNC).

Bank Neo Commerce (BNC) is now introducing its newest digital financial service, Neo Business. This service is intended for micro, small, and medium enterprise owners (MSMEs) to manage financial and daily business transactions. Neo Business services are available in the Neo bank application; with one application, customers get two services, namely general customer service and customers of small and medium business owners.

What is BNC NEO Bank?

What is BNC NEO Bank?

BNC NEO Bank [Bnc10] is a Spanish Neo bank in Barcelona in the development phase. It is an online banking platform providing clients with extensive services without paying commissions. They deliver services like checking and savings accounts, investment options, and credit cards. Moreover, for their customers, they provide access to an online banking portal where they can manage their accounts and transactions from any place in the world.

They are all dedicated to providing their customers with the best banking experience possible. This section will discover the unique capabilities that set BNC NEO Bank apart and how it aligns with Banco Nacional de Costa Rica’s dedication to making banking offerings more accessible and cost-effective.

What Is a Neobank?

Neobanks, sometimes called “challenger banks,” are fintech firms that propose apps, software, and other technologies to rationalize mobile and online banking. These fintech generally specialize in particular financial products, like check and savings accounts. They also tend to be more energetic and straightforward than their megabank counterparts, even though many partner with such organizations to protect their financial products.

In the U.S., these fintechs are more commonly referred to as neobanks. The term “challenger bank” was first popularized in the U.K. to refer to several fintech investment startups that emerged after the 2007-2009 financial crisis.

How Do Neobanks Make Money?

Neobanks typically use a different business model than incumbent banking institutions. They make a good chunk of their revenue from interchange—fees paid by merchants when customers make purchases using their debit cards. As smaller organizations, neobanks are allowed interchange percentages up to seven times higher than those available to banks with more than $10 billion in assets.

There’s also some debate about how much money challenger banks make from customers using out-of-network ATMs. When examining Chime’s source of income in a recent article, Axios suggested this amount may be “significant”—upwards of 20%. In response to the report, Chime said this source of income only constitutes a “small percentage” of overall company revenue and reiterated that they offer 38,000 fee-free ATMs nationwide.

A large part of BNC’s digital payments alteration strategy is to spread the underbanked. With Euronet and Ren on the panel, BNC plans to hurry digital banking and fintech commercial momentum in the region with topographies such as:

In-country payment processing infrastructure: Euronet has provided payment process services to the local market from its PCI-DSS-compliant Indonesian payment processing infrastructure for over a decade. This has aided its existing and new customers in launching programs acceleratedly because the infrastructure is already compliant with local regulations. Euronet also has enabled pre-connected touchpoints to domestic networks and global schemes.

API-based configurable platform: With Ren, Euronet proposes an urban, highly configurable payment platform with API sandboxes and efficient microservices for moving change and building new feature functionality.

Payments in a box: Euronet offered a variety of services to BNCs covering card management (including both virtual and physical cards), switching, entry services (global and domestic), reconciliation reports, interbank fund transmissions, core banking connections, and API-based mobile/internet banking connections.

“BNC is one of the fastest rising digital sets in Indonesia, and, at Euronet, we are pleased to play the role of an enabler for their sum dispensation requirement said Himanshu Pujara, Managing Director, APAC, Euronet Worldwide. “Indonesia is an important market for Euronet, so we have invested in the entire value chain of payment dispensation services for banks and fintech, including technology, state-of-the-art local processing facilities, and local practical talent. We look forward to allowing the launch of many more innovative crops and services to BNC’s customers, contributing to their growth plans for bringing millions of Indonesians into the formal investment system and enabling them an end-to-end digital banking experience.”

Advantages of using this Neo Bank

Online Banking is far above traditional Banking and joins the list of the best online banks without commissions, which are agile, fast, and allow us to carry out any transaction without going to physical offices. In addition, Bnc10 has unique advantages:

You can open an account without Payroll

Free account forever

Does not charge commissions when withdrawing money at ATMs

No maintenance fees

Free abroad (cash withdrawal up to 3 times a month)

Mastercard card at zero cost.

Without permanence, you can unsubscribe when you want

In addition, it has a super promotion of 10 euros per invited friend, who will have to follow the steps you followed above to receive the commission.

How do you make Online Transaction Bill Payments at Neo Commerce Bank (BNC)?

How do you make Online Transaction Bill Payments at Neo Commerce Bank (BNC)?

To pay the BNC Virtual Explanation bill, you can do the situation through the Neobank app or another bank (an IDR 2,500 interbank transmission fee will apply or at the will of the sending bank).

Neobank Mobile Banking

Open the Neobank Mobile App (Android/iPhone Form)

Select the VA Payment menu

Select BANK NEO TRADE / BNC – 490 as the terminus bank name

Enter the Virtual Account number

Confirm payment info and enter your PIN

Transaction completed

ATM or Other Mobile Banking

You can pay VA BNC bills through additional apps or ATMs by choosing the “Interbank Transfer” option. When choosing the terminus bank, enter the Bank Neo Trade/BNC-490 bank code number, followed by the 18-digit BNC computer-generated account number according to the bill.

Popular of

There’s an overwhelming number of neobanks on the market. Forbes Advisor recently published a breakdown of some of the most popular online banks and their pros and cons. The list includes a mixed bag of neobanks and “hybrid” platforms that offer similar digital services but are tied to legacy institutions.

Here are some of the better-known neobanks on the market today.


Boasting more than 12 million users, Chime is arguably the most widely recognized brand in the neobank space in the U.S. The platform eliminates many of the standard fees typically associated with brick-and-mortar banks. Chime also provides credit-building chances, early access to direct deposit payments. And also, A automatic savings topographies with a competitive annual percentage yield (APY). Chime is a financial technology business, not a bank the Bancorp Bank or Pace Bank, N.A. Members of FDIC issue banking facilities and debit cards.

Varo Bank

Varo Bank was founded as a new bank. But the company, which has around 2 million users, received a full-service national banking charter in 2020 from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), officially making it a bank. The service offers similar perks to Chime, including no monthly or overdraft fees or minimum balance requirements. Users don’t need to experience a credit check to open an account.


Current is another neobank that has attracted hundreds of thousands of users in the U.S. It offers benefits such as early admission to direct credit, fee-free overdrafts, and cash back on debit card purchases.

International Challenger Banks

In the U.K., popular challenger banks include Revolut (which recently made its U.S. debut), Starling, and Metro Bank. Other international challengers include N26 in Germany and NuBank in Brazil.

Benefits of BNC NEO Banco Sin Comisiones

Benefits of BNC NEO Banco Sin Comisiones

10-fold Increase in Digital Banking Users

Running on Huawei Cloud, BNC witnessed a 10-fold increase in digital banking users to 23 million. who now enjoy a seamless, convenient service experience. BNC can more quickly adapt to the market and shorten product iteration times from months. In to days through agile product configurations on Huawei Cloud. The faster product iterations allow BNC to respond more promptly to changes in the market.

24/7 O&M and Requirement Support

With a professional centralized O&M solution, BNC enjoyed 24/7 O&M and requirement support. Passive support was transformed into proactive operations.


Hence, is all about BNC NEO bank facilities and benefits. They believe that no one should have to deal with unnecessary charges when accessing banking services. If why they have developed commission-free banking services. They try their best to meet the expectations they describe on their website. Thus, it looks perfect for the moment and has all the advantages we want in an online Bank: FREE, without commissions. And also, If permanence, an ideal mix to become the best Neo-bank. Sign up for BNC Neo today and start enjoying the benefits of commission-free banking!

FAQ of

Where is Bank Neo Commerce’s headquarters?

Bank Neo Commerce is located in Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia.

Who invested in Bank Neo Commerce?

Akulaku Group funds Bank Neo Commerce.

When was the last funding round for Bank Neo Commerce?

Bank Neo Commerce closed its last funding round from a post-IPO secondary round on Mar 25, 2019.

Who are Bank Neo Commerce’s competitors? Alternatives and possible competitors to Bank Neo Commerce may include Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Credit Libanais, and Mashreq Bank.

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