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Rescue Dog Write For Us – Dog Health Guest Post

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Rescue Dog Write For Us

Rescue Dog

A rescue dog is a dog to is rehomed after being abandoned by its original owner. And while it’s true that some rescue dogs surrender, there are many other reasons why a dog might be called a “rescue dog.” For example, he may have been found wandering the streets or was born in a shelter when they took in a pregnant mother.

But generally, a rescue is any dog you adopt from a rescue group or shelter. To submit your article, drop us an email at

Unlike buying a dog from a store or dog breeder, which is much more expensive and contributes to dog overpopulation, rescue means adopting a dog in need and saving a life (or two lives, since you are also yourself). Open a place in this rescue to keep a new dog).

Where do Rescue Dogs Come from?

While some rescue dogs were returned by their owners, often because they could no longer care for them, others were rescued from the streets (as strays) or puppy mills.

Others are dogs found after a natural disaster (like a hurricane) when pets separate from their owners and their original families cannot be located.

Where to Adopt a Dog?

You can adopt a dog from a restricted shelter or rescue center or from a friend who may be looking for a new home for their dog (sometimes due to moving or other circumstances).

Ask friends and neighbors to advocate for a reputable shelter or shelter. You can use online services like Petfinder, but it’s always essential to research the rescue list of the dog you’re interested in, and reputation is critical.

Rescue vs. Shelter

Although sometimes used interchangeably, rescues and shelters are two different places, but having both in the dog adoption world is essential.

Usually, but not always, a rescue is run by volunteers and usually doesn’t have a building to house all the different dogs they have. Many returns have dogs in foster homes awaiting their adoption day.

On the other hand, a shelter usually has a building with all available dogs ready for adoption, and a cover has employees and sometimes volunteers to help care for the dog.

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Rescue Dog Write For Us

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