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What Are the Benefits of Wall-Washing Lights?

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Benefits of Wall-Washing Lights – A wall-washing is a lighting device to illuminate a large vertical area. These lights give a washed effect to the walls and highlight unique objects or textures.

Also, lighting from wall washers makes the room appear more significant and inviting. You can find this type of lighting in museums, art galleries, or building entrances.

Benefits of the Wall-Washing Lights

  1. Power level: The power of the wall washing lights determines the projection distance. It is not fixed and can be flexibly changed according to requirements.
  2. Voltage: Both DC and AC are available. Generally, the built-in power supply is externally connected with AC220V (AC110V in Japan), and the external power supply is usually low voltage DC24V, DC12V, DC27v, etc. According to different requirements and manufacturers, the voltage is also dissimilar.
  3. IP protection level: This is not only an essential parameter of the wall bath light but also an important index that affects the quality of the current handrail tube. The waterproof grade above IP65 is the best, and pressure confrontation, fragmentation resistance, high and low-temperature confrontation, fire resistance, and impact aging degree are also required.
  4. Color specifications: It has seven full-color and monochrome colors.
  5. Color temperature: The color temperature varies and can be widely selected.
  6. Luminous angle: There are narrow, medium, and wide light angles for LED wall washers.
  7. Operating temperature: The outdoor temperature usually works at -40℃ and +60℃.
  8. Control mode: Currently, there are two control methods for the LED wall bathroom light: internal control and external control. The internal control is not an external controller. The degree of effect cannot be changed. The external power is the external controller; its impact can be changed by adjusting the main control button.
  9. Mirror: Glass reflective lens, 98% light transmission, not easy to atomize, can resist UV radiation.

LED wall washing lights are widely used in modern urban landscape design and requests. Compared with other lighting source products, it can be improved and highlight the urban landscape’s artistic features and cultural value. In the design and use, we should fully use the features and advantages of the LED wall washer, represent the art of various modern urban landscapes, and add artistic beauty to people’s cultural and entertainment life.

Techniques  of Wall-Washing Lights

You can install a wall washer using wall washing and peeking techniques. The use of these two techniques is discussed below:

Wall Washing

In wall-washing technology, LED wall washers are mounted at ceiling height to create a wide beam that spans the entire wall. Such wall bath lighting technique is applied on smooth walls to give a good and soft effect to the wall.

looking at the Wall

In the peek-at-the-wall technique, wall washers place closer to textured surfaces to showcase the unique patterns. They create shadows to highlight the structure of stone, brick, or other rough surfaces. This viewing technique widely uses to illuminate statues and curved surfaces.

How to Install LED Wall-Washers Lights?

After selecting and purchasing your LED wall washers, it is time to install them. Below I’ve outlined four easy steps to get your LED puck installed as quickly as possible:

Guarantee Security

Before installing the wall washers, you must provide security. And for this, use rubber gloves and shoes to protect yourself from electric shock.

Measure Lighting Area

The next step is to measure the installation area and mark it with tape. Now work on the wires to connect the lighting to the power supply.

Installation and Connection

Once you’re done working on the wires, it’s time to punch holes in the marked area with tape. Use a drill to drill 1/2-inch diameter holes to attach the wall washer base. Screw them tightly into the wall and insert the lamps into them. Now run the wires through the lights. After installing the best LED wall-washer lights, LumBuy connects the cables to the power supply.

Final Review

Turn on the switches to check if the wall washers are on. If not, turn the power off and check the wiring before reconnecting.

So, by following these simple steps, you can easily install LED wall washers. LEDs provide high-quality flexible LED wall washers with online and on-site installation services.

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