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What is Face Yoga? Advantages, Practice and More

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Face yoga plans one of the most innovative techniques in aesthetics related to the face. It allows us to combine the ancient knowledge of Indian culture with a series of movements that improve facial muscle function, prevent wrinkles and improve mood.

With your shoulders relaxed, hold your head with your hand. Then push your chin with your hand and place your elbow on your other hand, holding the position for three breaths. To finish, alternate your fingers in the neck area for fifteen seconds.

What is Face Yoga

As the name suggests, a facial yoga plan applies the principles of this discipline to the face. Although physical activity is only related to the body in many cases, it is essential to remember that the beginning is made up of a multitude of muscles that can be worked and exercised daily. For this reason, facial yoga involves a series of expressions and movements that allow the face to naturally enhance its beauty and have a firm and beautiful look. In addition to the postures performed, it is convenient to consider breathing and relaxation of the mind.

What Advantages Does it Offer?

Face yoga has numerous benefits. On the one pointer, it is possible to loosen the facial muscles and reduce wrinkles. It also manages to relieve stress and minimize dark circles and facial fatigue. In addition, the various facial muscles are activated, making them firmer and better supplied with blood. In summary, facial yoga manages to improve the beauty of the face while reducing daily stress and preventing the symptoms of ageing.

How Often Do You Want to Practice Face Yoga Plans?

Face yoga consists of a series of simple exercises done for 10 or 15 minutes daily, accordingly you don’t have to invest a lot of time. However, these actions need to done regularly to get good results.

A positive aspect of this set of techniques is that they can perform in any room, and therefore face yoga  done while watching TV, reading or working in front of the computer.


In a Complete Facial Yoga Plan, the Following Poses Must not Missing:

Collar. It focuses on the neck muscles and involves tilting your head forward and then slowly rotating it left and right until it reaches your shoulder. Three repetitions should perform on each side.

Kiss the Sky is one of the most famous face yoga activities as it allows you to restore strength to your neck and jawline. First, the head must title up, and once the position is reach, the gesture of the kiss throw is made. Experts recommend repeating it ten times.

Soft smile The first step is to hide the teeth with the lips and make the mouth circular. The angle is then stretched to create a friendly smile, covering the teeth. It must done at least six times.

Radiant skin this facial yoga plan aims to reactivate the skin’s blood flow to improve its appearance. Using your scan and forefinger, gently press the entire face area, paying particular attention to the cheeks and nasolabial fold. It is an exercise that usually lasts 30 seconds and is very interesting in the morning.

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