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Why You Shouldn’t Drink Coffee

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Coffee Many people worldwide have a habit of drinking Coffee as soon as they get up without accompanying it with a good breakfast, which, as it has now been found out, can be harmful to their health.

Drinking Coffee in the Morning for Many People is More than Just a Formality.

The way you wake up, the essential requirement for starting your activities or other qualities is mainly dependent on the intake of Coffee. Still, we note that you should not do this without accompanying it with food immediately after leaving the bed.

Although sometimes you wake up with time to spare or feel like you can’t take it anymore, taking a few minutes to eat is a practice your body, especially your digestive system, will appreciate. Let’s explain why.

They cite Mui because drinking Coffee right after waking up causes a drop in the hormone cortisol levels that we release each morning at the start of the day. This extra energy that the body sends out naturally starts to deteriorate.

But to Avoid Other Types of Damage

Intake Coffee on an empty stomach can cause stomach upset and varying degrees of heartburn. Some suffer from this disease from the first time they take it like this or feel very upset after a few minutes. The shield that food creates in the digestive system is necessary.

Capsule, Drip or Espresso Coffee Maker: Differences, Tips and Buying Guide

Since the fifteenth century, we consuming roasted and ground Coffee. If you want to stay true to tradition, there is nothing better than making your own at home. Drip coffee machines or modern capsule coffee machines, what do you prefer?

The caffeine shot is more robust and can cause mood problems, tachycardia, anxiety, tremors. In addition, it changes the rhythms of the nervous system, gaining access to your body faster. Even if you are used to taking it this way, the chances that it will affect you are significant.

1. It is a Powerful Antioxidant

Twenty-four hours a day, our body produces free radicals, which in a few words, define unstable molecules that quickly out of balance and can harm our body, accelerating ageing and causing chronic diseases. The good news is that free radical attacks are combated with antioxidants found in various foods and drinks that protect and prevent cell damage.

Coffee be recognize to contain more antioxidants than many vitamin supplements. Antioxidants such as polyphenols and hydroxycinnamic acids contain essential nutrients that slow down the natural degeneration of DNA and prevent irreversible disease.

2. The Risk of Mortality is Reduced

In a study conducted by UMH (University Miguel Hernández in Elche, Valencian Community), the mortality rate of 1567 participants over the age of 20 and over 18 analyze. Taking into account the type of diet, the quality of life and the customary relationship between all of them: daily coffee consumption.

A study publish in the weekly Nutrients states. That those who drink 1 to 4 cups of Coffee a day have a 27-44% lower risk of premature death than non-coffee drinkers.

Scientists have concluded that not excessive consumption of this potent drink can protect people. Increase their life expectancy, and be quality.

3. Coffee is Not a Friend of Cancer

If you’re one of those people who, while enjoying a cup of Coffee. Feels a little guilty and believes they’re drinking a near-toxic substance that will give them cancer in the long run. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

According to a recent IARC study, no relationship found to determine whether caffeine produces or increases the number of cancer cells in our body. At the same time. The IARC (International Cancer Research Center) found that regular coffee consumption reduces the chance of unexpected onset of certain types of cancer. Such as endometrial, prostate, or liver cancer.

On the other hand, while caffeine is not an ally of cancer. The same study says that drinking Coffee or any other beverage at temperatures above 65°C can be problematic.