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Muscle Exercises – Crossfit Training, and More

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Exercises – Muscle training is one of the main activities for those who want to lose weight since practicing it regularly helps increase muscle mass and resistance, strength, and flexibility. The more muscle mass, the greater the person’s ability to burn off calories at rest, promoting weight loss. However, it is crucial that they train regularly and eat a balanced and healthy diet.

The number of calories burned during an anaerobic workout depends on several factors.

Because of this, the calories that can be burned in this type of workout can vary from 300 to 500 calories per hour. However, as muscle mass increases, the body burns calories for up to 48 hours after exercise, as long as the activity is moderate or intense and follows a healthy diet.

CrossFit Training

CrossFit training is pretty intensive and requires a greater cardiorespiratory capacity because the activity is carried out in a high-intensity circuit and with little rest between one exercise and another. which is usually performed outdoors in this type of training are different pesos, jump ropes, rubber, boxing, among other uses, and in general.

HIIT training is Crossfit pretty intense and can burn 700 calories per hour during the exercise. To increase energy expenditure, weight loss, and increased muscle mass, it is crucial that Crossfit practice is led by a professional, especially if the person starts in the sport, is sedentary, or has a joint restriction to ensure in this way that the exercises are carried out correctly and causing injuries without the risk.

Dance Classes

Dance is an excellent activity that helps strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and increase calorie expenditure, improving cardiorespiratory capacity and promoting weight loss. In addition, there is an activity that allows you to have fun, to have fun and distractions to be excellent for memory stimulation, improve posture and reduce stress.

In -Zumba or dance therapy, it is possible to lose an average of 300 to 600 calories per hour. However, this activity must be carried out to burn calories. Burned calories vary depending on the style of dance and the time it is practiced.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is an intense and complete physical activity because it uses multiple muscle groups and requires physical preparation. These exercises improve cardiorespiratory capacity, physical illness and muscle strength, and resistance and increase self-esteem.

The number of calories spent during Thai Muay Thai training varies depending on the intensity of exercise and physical preparation of the individual. exercises can reach up kcal to 1500 when very intense activity and excellent physical homework. However, the average caloric expenditure for Muay Thai practitioners is around 700 calories per training.


Spinning classes have different intensities and take place in a room with a stationary bike. These classes promote high-calorie expenditure and weight loss and promote muscle strengthening, and fat burning in the legs, and improve cardiorespiratory endurance.

To increase the calorie consumption of spinning classes, the person must perform exercises a course according to the trainer’s instructions. In this way, it is possible to burn between 600 and 800 calories per hour.



Swimming is a complete exercise because it can strengthen muscles and promote calorie consumption and improve physical condition. Although the strokes aren’t mighty, getting to the other side of the pelvis faster requires constant effort with few pauses. If the goal is to lose weight, in addition to reaching the other side of the pool, you must maintain a continuous and substantial rhythm. That is, you can cross the pond swimming on all fours and return on your back. For example, as a way of “break”.

Because swimming is a complete exercise, engaging in this physical activity can encourage calorie expenditure of up to 400 calories as long as the person keeps up the pace and keeps moving.

Water Aerobics

Hydro gymnastics is also great for behind weight and improving cardiorespiratory fitness. As the water relaxes, one tends to slow down. However, If you need to lose weight, it is ideal to be in a class whose purpose is the same, since there are classes for older people with a more leisurely pace. And in these cases, it is not enough to help with weight loss.

For hydro gymnastics to promote the consumption of as many calories as possible and weight loss, The person must always move enough to make them gasp. In this way, it is possible to burn up to 500 calories per hour.


Running training promotes calorie consumption and fat burning and do both on the treadmill and outdoors. However, the race must always run at the same place and at moderate or high intensity. It is possible to start running slowly and increase the intensity each week until you reach your desired goal. Check out a routine to start walking and increase the power.

For people who aren’t use to running or just beginning to get physically active. This exercise may not be the best way to encourage calorie expenditure initially. Hence the idea is to start with aerobic exercise like walking until the person feels able to start running. Meet an exercise routine for running and losing weight.

A race’s calorie burn can vary from 600 to 700 calories per hour. As long as the person upholds a good pace. Doesn’t take many breaks, and works hard enough to the point of being unable to speak during the race.

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