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The Uses and Benefits of Petroleum Jelly

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Benefits of Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly obtains from refining a heavy petroleum fraction, petroleum jelly is a homogeneous mixture of long-chain saturated hydrocarbons, generally containing more than 25 carbon atoms, whose composition can vary depending on the type of oil and the manufacturing process.

With a Very High Degree of Refinement

you get white Vaseline, a fraction used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry as a lubricant or base for the production of creams, and characterize by a transparent, whitish-waxy appearance.

The least refined grade is yellow, amber, or brown petrolatum, typically used in industry because the less fine fractions can contain carcinogenic impurities. For this reason, its exclusive industrial use defines by law as “not fit for human use”.

In the Pharmaceutical Industry

petroleum jelly is a formula for therapeutic purposes in pastes and ointments or ointments for topical application. Due to its lubricating, protective, and emollient properties, petroleum jelly can soften dry areas of skin and use for irrigation, and removal of scabs or abrasions. And as a lubricant when performing rectal exams and placing urethral catheters.

Petroleum jelly is generally harmless, so side effects rarely report, and allergic skin reactions from its use are rare. When used as a base in semi-solid pharmaceutical preparations, most of the side effects are primarily due to the active ingredients present and not to petroleum jelly.

Benefits of Petroleum Jelly

The Hydrophobic Nature of Petroleum Jelly

This means that it is virtually non-dissolving in water. For this reason, it preparations do not easily wash out, which is very convenient for increasing the persistence of the active ingredients on the skin. Thus prolonging contact with the drug.

This property of it which can be very beneficial from a therapeutic point of view becomes somewhat impractical in everyday life. Petroleum jelly is difficult to remove and can stain clothing.

Topical Formulations Containing Petroleum Jelly Vary

This is found in the same pure form, in a scent form for cosmetic purposes, borate, salicylate it oily base in many medicinal ointments that contain antibiotic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory active ingredients, etc.

Cosmetics it does not escape their multiple uses. Beauty care considers a very useful and economical cosmetic, which can use to soften cuticles when fixing, smoothen rough elbows and knees, spread on the eyebrows, and pluck without pain. It protects the lips and even removes eye makeup.

What are the Risks of Vaseline?

Although petroleum jelly generally considers safe, it is essential to avoid using it in some instances. First of all, if you stand allergic to its ingredients or have any reactions after using it. You should stop using it and consult a doctor.

The same goes for sunburn. Never use it immediately after exposure to the sun it could retain heat. Also, avoid it if you have acne on prone to breakouts.

Finally, its use recommends only externally. As such, it should never use a sexual lubricant as it contributes to latex condoms breaking down. It can also cause a vaginal infection.

You should also care about putting it in the nose; never do it indoors. And consult pediatricians in children, as inhalation can cause problems like aspiration pneumonia.

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