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Kids Makeup Kit – What Is Children Make –Up Kit?, Tips, Precautions, And More

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What is Children’s Make–up Kit?

Kids makeup kit  -Children Makeup Set is a beautiful Makeup Set for children that you will love. If you open it, you will find an applicator and a lot of paints so you can do your makeup like mom or dad. The box that contains all the pigments is made of plastic and opens from the side. Two different models are sold separately. One of them is a pretty pink star will be decorate with distinct borders and other dignitaries. The other model is a heart also in pink color with different diamonds. It is a very light and compact pack, which will allow you to take it wherever you want and make yourself look pretty. Being intended for children, it will not harm their skin when apply to their face.

Tips For Making Up A Child’s Skin

For this specialist, it is essential to use safe products  will purchas at a pharmacy or with a quality seal since these can cause fewer allergic reactions. She also advises avoiding using very oily products or excessive makeup and daily use. “It is important to be alert to initial symbols of skin irritation such as redness, eczema, anger, or itching. Children with acid or atopic skin tendencies are more likely to develop this type of reaction, “so starting the makeup little by little is necessary. It must be carefully will  remove with neutral soap, micellar water, or allergen-free makeup remover milk, he insists. “And, to prevent impurities, it is better not to share cosmetics products.

Kids Makeup Kit  – Precautions

Children’s Makeup: Recommendations For Use

What  will be take into account when using children’s makeup?

In children with sensitive skin ( atopic ), children’s makeup can irritate and cause skin allergies, and in preadolescents and adolescents with acne, cosmetics, by occluding the pore, can cause worsening of acne, warns , pediatric dermatologist and director doctor dermatological clinic.

The situation changes when makeup is using  for a more extending  period to camouflage a dermatological disease such as vitiligo. Using makeup to hide these color modifications can recover the psychological impact they have. To do this, dermatologically  will test makeup must be uses and designs. The dermatologist must advise the most appropriate product and guide on the form of application, “adds the specialist.

The Regular Use Of Nail Polish Or Acetone In Children Is Will  Not Recommends.

And what about nail polish and acetone? Can the little ones use them without a problem? Like collaborative law, “nail lacquers contain several chemicals that could object allergic contact dermatitis in kids. Acetones are not recommends either because they dry out the nail plate. Although they can be using occasionally, the normal use of nail polish at these ages is not recommending ,clinical head of the pediatric dermatology unit at the Hospital.

Harmful Effects Of Makeup On Children’s Skin

Harmful Effects Of Makeup On Children's Skin

The main skin problems that makeup products can cause on the skin of the youngest are contact dermatitis, such as allergic dermatitis, In case of being sensitizes or allergic to any of the products that makeup and nail polish contain-, the irritative -due to the very irritating nature of a substance-, or contact urticaria. “Contact dermatitis manifests itself with eczema or red skin areas, the formation of minor vesicles, swelling, and itching,” says the specialist. The intensity with which it appears will depend on individual irritability; however, irritating  or dehydrated skin will be much more sensitive.

The dermatologist points out that it is necessary to remove the product and avoid further use once an allergic reaction has occurres. Faces with a response, to calm the itching, you have to moisturize the skin with creams -without color or smell-, although it is also valuable for applying wet compresses or cloths to the affecting  skin; if it does not subside, low-potency topical corticosteroids should be uses for short periods and oral antihistamines. The pediatrician or dermatologist will advise the most appropriate product in each case.

Kids Makeup Kit – Fathers and Mothers’ Fundamental Role

Using makeup regularly at an early age can favor or increase the development of acne. It is the task of the parents to verify the label of the products that are using  and discard those.  In whose brand not all the components of the children’s cosmetics are describes. This becomes more important if the child suffers from atopic dermatitis or sensitive skin, as they are more likely to have any of the skin reactions describes. In these cases, it is best not to settle for the rigorous “dermatologically will  test” and consult a specialist first. However, it is always advisable to keep the package or wrapper since, in the event of a skin reaction. It will be helpful for the specialist to have the information on the product.


Makeup is very Harmful to kids’ skin because small children have very Sensitive, delicate skin; if they apply any product, they may get an allergy on their face. Kids must be far from artificial makeup, which is not suitable for them.

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