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6 Skin Makeup Guide for the Beginners

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Skin Makeup Guide 

If you are a beginner in makeup then this blog is just meant for you because this blog will be talking about special beginners skin makeup tips which will help you to create easy and flawless makeup looks. This skin makeup guide will be talking about steps and hacks that you can try out if you are a beginner and you want to make your makeup look flawless. Let us check out a few of the best skin makeup tips specially meant for beginners.


If you are a beginner in makeup, then it is important to understand that it is extremely important to cleanse your skin before beginning your makeup. Cleansing your skin helps in cleaning out all the dirt and pollution from your skin and also it helps in cleansing your pores from within. Cleansing your skin is the first and foremost skin makeup guide that you must follow so that even without makeup your skin looks flawless and perfect. You must cleanse your skin at least twice a day and if you have oily skin then make sure you use a gentle cleanser to clean your skin at least thrice a day. Not only before your makeup, cleansing is equally important after you remove your makeup as well.


Once your cleansing is done, make sure you use a hydrating skin serum to moisturise your skin properly. This skin makeup tip is extremely important especially for people who have normal to dry skin. If you don’t use a serum or a moisturiser before you begin to apply your makeup, your makeup will turn dry and patchy immediately after you apply your complete makeup. This will not give your makeup a seamless and flawless finish. Therefore, make sure you definitely apply a serum or a moisturiser that suits your skin type perfectly. Hydration is a major key when it comes to skincare and makeup to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh and healthy at all times.


The next beginner skin makeup tip is to never miss out on your primer. Your primer not only helps in priming your skin, but it also helps in blurring out pores and imperfections. The unique thing about a primer is that it acts like a film between your skin and your make up which makes your makeup last much longer giving a waterproof effect. A primer is one of the best cosmetic products that you can own as a beginner because this one product makes your entire base makeup look flawless and perfect. You can try applying your foundation without a primer and with a primer, and you will see the difference for yourself.

Eye makeup with a tape

This is one of the best skin makeup tips for a beginner who likes to do eye makeup flawlessly. All you need to do is apply a primer all over your eyes, and then apply your concealer to create a fine canvas for your eye makeup. Next, take an adhesive tape and stick it on the outer corner of your eye aiming at the end of your eyebrow to create a slanting line.

Now you can begin applying your eyeshadow from the outer corner of your eyes. Blend it inwards and then pick a transition shade from the centre of your eyelid towards the inner corner. Blend out both the shades properly and then take a shimmer shade with your finger and then tap it on the centre of your eyelid. Don’t forget to apply your eyeshadow on your lower lash line for a complete look. You can then finish with your eyeliner and your mascara. Let your eye makeup set for a few seconds and then gently remove the adhesive tape. This hack will give you a flawless and perfect eye makeup look every single time.

Lip liner before lipstick

We all know how to apply lipstick, but at times when we pick a darker shade like a dark burgundy or a red, our lipstick tends to mess out a bit. And for this we have one of the best beginner skin makeup tips which is to apply a lip liner first for a precise and a clean finish. This makeup tip is less followed by everyone but you must try it once for yourself to believe it. Take your lip liner and start lining on the edges of your lips for a clean and a precise finish. Once your lining is complete, start stroking a little bit of the lip liner on the inner corners of your lower lips and your upper lips. Once you are done, start filling your lips with your lipstick for a plump and a seamless finish.Makeup setting

Another important beginner skin makeup tip is to set your makeup properly once your complete makeup is done. This will not only give your makeup a beautiful matte finish but it will also make your makeup last much longer with a waterproof finish. You can easily use a face compact powder to set your makeup and you can again use it later on to refresh your makeup and soak up excess oil production. Applying your compact powder time in again will keep your makeup looking fresh and intact.