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Best Simple Bengali Bridal Makeup

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Simple Bengali Bridal Makeup – Are you an imminent bang bride? Bengali weddings are calm, serene and calm by nature. Like other Indian weddings, the Bengali wedding is a multi-day affair. What sets marriages apart from others are the unique rituals and cultural norms. Traditions like Aashirbad and Gaye Holud add to the extravagance of wedding ceremonies. The night before the wedding schedule is to adorn the bride and groom with the Biyer Shaaj.

With her bright red bindi, Chandan dots on her forehead, dramatic eyes, gold jewellery, traditional mukut, aalta-laden hands and feet, and ever-sharp features, these are the attributes that make finding a Bengali bride a piece of cake. Amidst the myriad of Bengali brides, the quintessential elements that are common in her makeup are big, bold eyes defined with shimmering eyeshadow, big eyes lined with kohl and bold red lips. Bengali brides’ timeless beauty and simplistic charm charmed the boy and left girls drooling over their looks. No matter what group she wears or what look she chooses, the killer look of a Bengali bride makes her the epitome of beauty and elegance.

Bengali Bollywood bombshell Bipasha has become an inspiration for brides with her stylish and sophisticated Bengali bride avatar during her wedding to Karan Singh Grover. Are you one of those who are in love with the sheer grace and elegance of a Bengali bride’s “Oti Shundor” shaaj buyer? So here we have included some elements of Bengali makeup without which a bong bride is considered incomplete. Look at them.

Bridal Makeup

How to do Simple Bengali Bridal Makeup?

Bengali weddings are known in India for their calm, serene and calm nature. Bright and eye-catching colours, sequins are a big yes when dressing up a Bengali bride. Bengali women are blessed with very defined features, and these features are displayed very well as Bengalis are very artistic by nature. Their sarees are red with lots of gold jari inlaid. “Red” is a reference colour to dress Bengali brides. Bridal makeup is very vibrant, dazzling and sparkling and is usually loaded with gold.

Here is a little tutorial that will teach you how to do Bengali bridal makeup.

Required things:

  •  Face wash
  •  a good moisturizer
  •  Concealer
  •  Shade
  •  Eyeliner
  •  Lipstick
  •  compact powder/loose powder
  •  Primer
  •  Lipstick
  •  Mask
  •  kajal
  •  Lipgloss
  •  Lipstick
  •  false eyelashes
  •  Eyebrow pencil
  •  Red and white ecological paint.
  •  Toothpick or earphone.


A good facial cleanser should cleanse impurities and dirt from the face. Dry your face with a towel, and go after it with a good toner.


Apply a good moisturizer according to skin type so that the skin is hydrated and there are no rough spots.


A primer should be applied over the base so that the makeup stays on longer.


A good spot concealer should be applied to hide dark spots and blemishes. It should be used around the eyes, sites, etc.


You have to be very careful when choosing a good brand foundation. It should go with your skin tone. Generally, a shade higher than skin colour should be taken.

Foundation should be applied in dots in a circular motion. Rosewater can be used to blend the foundation into the skin.

Eye Makeup:

It must handle with care to give the eye a pleasing and shiny appearance.


A vibrant coral eyeshadow or shades of gold and red should choose. If two shades are used, they should blend well with a good makeup brush. Two eyeshadow lines should also apply to the brow bone to enhance the look.


A thick eyeliner should apply. Flip it out for an artistic look.


A thick line of kajal should apply. Kajal should use to define the eye. A waterproof and stain-resistant kajal should be chosen.

False eyelashes: Bengali brides bless with thick eyelashes, but don’t worry if you don’t have them. You can always wear false eyelashes to accentuate your look.


Two or three layers of good mascara should apply.

To Blush:

Red blush should be chosen. Try to avoid glitter blush because eye makeup is already heavy. Apply it to the cheekbones to highlight it.

Loose Powder/Compact Powder:

Apply some loose powder or compact powder. Make sure you don’t overapply it. Just rub a little.


Before applying lipstick, apply a good lip balm to keep your lips soft and hydrated. Lip liner should apply. It is necessary to opt for a bright red colour or shades of red. Apply lipstick with a lip brush. Glitter is optional. Use blotting paper to remove excess lipstick. Apply a layer of loose powder and then blot with a blotter so that the lipstick stays on for a long time.


This feature is unique to Bengali brides. Bengali brides have alternating red and white designs on their foreheads. You can see the picture to understand it well.

It can be as simple as red and white circular dots, or it can also follow a particular pattern. It’s like a signature makeup look. Eco-friendly paints can choose, and Toothpicks or headphones can use to draw it perfectly.


The look should complete with a big red bindi, the epitome of a Bengali bride.

The golden-red saree should be worn in a traditional and unique style. A good hairstyle, preferably a bun, should also choose based on makeup and outfit. Use these tips for amazing makeup that achieves the gorgeous and shiny look that can steal millions of hearts, especially the groom.

Top 3 Simple Bengali Bridal Makeup Looks

Top 3 Simple Bengali Bridal Makeup Looks

Today I am rear with a new post – 3 simple Bengali Bridal Makeup Looks. A prominent Indian wedding does not apply to the Bengali tradition. Bengalis belong to a very peaceful and calm nature, and they don’t like so much noise at their wedding. In the 21st century, they love shahnai music at their wedding. Being Bengali, I know all the customs and traditions of Bengali weddings. Brides are like the most beautiful stage of any girl, whether they belong to a religion or a caste.

From my experience, I have seen all types of brides like South Indian brides, North Indian brides, Punjabi brides and Marathi brides. But ultimately, I like Bengali brides more. These brides don’t wear as much makeup, and they wear various kinds of gold ornaments. Without gold decorations, our wedding wouldn’t be complete. Yes, gold is the most needed element for Bengali brides, and you will rarely find a Bengali bride without gold accessories. So, my friends, I am telling you about the top 3 simple Bengali bridal makeup looks. You can try these bridal makeups with your traditional outfit.

1. Aishwarya with Bengali Bridal Look in Simple Bengali Bridal Makeup Looks

Here, Aishwarya looks like the perfect Bengali bride. If you want to look like this at your wedding, carefully read these tips.

It would help if you tried the matte compact; it covers the extra shine and gives a fresh look. Use a green concealer to cover your pimples or redheads. If you have dark circles under your eyes, you should use a whitish-pink concealer. Use a highlighter on the skin of your nose. It gives a conical shape to your nose. Do not apply it to the sides of the nose. Try heavy Chandan designs on your forehead with a bright red bindi.

Use a light pink blush, and it gives a natural look. You can also try dark pink to highlight your cheekbones.

Use dark kajal lines on your eyes. Use dark eyeliner and mascara to give your eyes a great look. You can also try the kohl look.

Use natural lip liners to give your lips a perfectly contoured look. Wear lip gloss and shades that go well with your outfit.

2. Yami Gautham’s Bridal Look Among Simple Bengali Bridal Makeup Looks

For this Bengali look, you should use shimmery highlights with foundation. Also, wear light bronze on your face. Use the facial mist for instant hydration. Use light colours on the cheeks and combine them with dark tones so that the cheekbones look perfect.

And also, use a brown eyebrow pencil and give it a perfect look. It would help if you tried the red bindi. Don’t wear white and red designs on your forehead, and use a bit of highlighter on your chin bone.

Apply the eyeshadows and blend them into the outer lines of your eyes. Use golden tones. Make a dark line over your eyes with kajal. Try false lashes for a luminous look.

Use dark brown or pink colours with the best lip liners.

3. Diva Bengali Bridal Look in Simple Bengali Bridal Makeup Looks

First, perfectly tone your face with concealer and foundation. Then apply a dark foundation to your forehead. Then lay a light foundation on your cheekbones. Use light highlights on the tip of your nose.

Use bronzer on your cheeks. Highlight your chin too. Wear small and large bindi and make beautiful patterns with white and red Chandan on your forehead.

Use light brown shades on your eyes and make them elegant by using black shades. Curl your lashes with mascara. Apply eyeliner and give a refined look.

Use shades of dark orange for your lips, and give them a little shine. Don’t forget to line your lips.

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