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Shopping Bags – Definition, Types of Bags, Important Functions, And More

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Shopping bags, large woven bag of straw or mesh,  will use to carry groceries . Shockproof padded bag designing to protect sensitive equipment such as electronics or photographic accessories. This is a kind of bag made of paper, plastic, fabric or other material , uses to store or move things. It can usually  will be carry by hand or slung over one shoulder. For example: “Luis, bring me the bag with the winter clothes I want to wear the gray jacket” , “I am going to help my mother who has just arriving  from the market with the heavily loaded bags” , “What do you carry in that red bag? ” , “Tell Charlie Brown to start putting the toys in the bag that we have to go home.”

Types Of Plastic Bags

Types Of Plastic Bags (2)

What Are The Best Bags To Use?

There are different types of plastic bags, of different thickness and composition, very light, light, thick, fragmentable, biodegradable, compostable and paper. Of all these options, none is the best for transporting purchases if you have the objective of caring for the environment, saving energy and reducing the use of natural resources. Reusable bags are the best both for their composition and for their long life.

Since July 1, plastic bags are no longer free in all shops, and from 2021 the sale of bags will be prohibited, including those that are considering  light and are uses for fruit and vegetables. Currently we find that some types of bags are charge and others are not, and many consumers do not know the differences of the different types of bags that are in the market, nor do they know which bags are better to take care of the environment. Well, Greenpeace has published an article on the different types of plastic bags and explains which are the best bags to use .

The very light plastic bags are those that are offered in the fruit and vegetable section, in the butcher and fish market, and those that are found for the sale of bulk products in stores, markets and supermarkets. They are bags that are less than 15 microns thick, they are free for hygiene reasons and are using  to contain the food describing   above. These bags will be prohibited from the year 2021, since they are single-use and are associating  with environmental damage.

Important Functions Stock Market Functions

Among the most important functions of the stock market are:

  • Channel savings into productive investment.
  • It provides true and permanent information about the securities, the situation of the companies listing  on the stock exchange, the operations carry  out, etc.
  • It offers liquidity , as investors can convert their assets (stocks or others) into money.
  • Provides legal certainty. That is, the transactions are supporting and will be held accountable for them.

Stock exchanges play a fundamental role in economic development as they facilitate transactions and channel savings. In this way, a better allocation of resources is possible.

Advantages Of The Stock Market For Companies

Participating in a stock market can bring several benefits to companies, among which are:

  • Greater access to financing.
  • Better image for the public.
  • It allows estimating the value of the company at a given moment and encouraging its administrators to increase this value.
  • Shareholders can obtain liquidity if they choose to sell their shares.

Advantages of the stock market for savers

For people or entities that have savings, the stock market can provide several benefits, among which are:

  • Greater options to make your savings profitable.
  • Greater access to information.
  • It allows you to buy and sell an asset as many times as necessary.
  • Access a regulating market that offers security.

How Does A Stock Market Work?

The stock market is consider a secondary market since it transfers ownership of financial assets that have already been previously issues (in the primary market ). Transactions are carry out through authorizing  financial intermediaries , popularly known as brokers or stockbrokers. These professionals operate on behalf of the company or individual that hires them. In return, they charge a commission or fee for their services.

It is worth mentioning that there are currently virtual stock exchanges where it is easy to contact a broker and buy shares online.On the other hand, companies that want to participate in a stock exchange must make their financial statements public . In this way, it is possible to obtain accurate information about its current situation and growth potential.

Criticism Of The Stock Market

Despite the above, the stock market does not only have advantages. While this market has boosts access to finance and enabled the growth of many successful businesses, it also carries risks.

In this sense, we must emphasize that in the stock market the prices (quotations) can fluctuate strongly. A share today can be worth 4 and tomorrow 3.7 or even go bankrupt (going to be worth 0). Therefore, just as positive returns can be generates, money can also be lost.  However, it should be notes  that the variability of the price of an asset is called volatility . The higher it is, the more risk it represents.

Therefore, investing in the stock market is an activity that can offer benefits. However, you can also lose some or all of the money investing  (sometimes even more). This can happen, for example, when a stock is not accurately values, that is, if it is overvalued or undervalued.


We are referring to the online shopping bag , which is that bag or basket that is  will use to go to the supermarket and buy food or other products that are uses for the home.