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Colour Schemes For Home Decoration

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How To Choose The Color Range For Your Projects?

Colour Schemes For Home Decoration are many of us are not interior designers, but when we need to decorate our home, workplace, or any space, we would like to be. or at least understand the basic concepts to be able to give the best possible appearance to that place that we want to renovate.

We want to explain some basic concepts of the color scheme that we should all handle when decorating because understanding this would make it much easier for us to choose the correct colors and tones.

Color Wheel

For the decoration of any space, the first thing you should have in hand is the color wheel. This element that you may have seen at some time in school is fundamental when creating unique places since it is in charge of giving us a visual perspective of the colors that best combine. In addition, it will help you better understand the color scheme that you should use.

The wheel consists of 12 colors, and some models can include endless shades. Thanks to technology, you can have your color wheel on your computer or your smartphone screen, as there are versions like Palette and Color Scheme and Mix & Converter for iPhone that will allow you to create your color combination.

With the color wheel in hand, the next thing you need to do is understand colors. Surely you will remember this and if not, then here is a brief reminder.

As we said, there are at least 12 shades in each color wheel that are categorized into:

  • Primary colors: red, blue, and yellow. They cannot be started by involvement with other colors.
  • Secondary colors: orange (yellow+red), purple (blue+red), and green (yellow+blue). They are taken by mixing primary colors.

A Little Background Technique On Color Schemes


One of the things that cost us the most when starting to decorate the spaces of our house; is choosing the color of the walls. There are the right colors among the different decoration styles existing in interior design. However, this does not indicate which colors we should use to combine. It seems that it becomes more and more challenging.

After studying the different coloring techniques in the design world, we found a small way to know the exact colors to combine the rest of our decorations. This is the background technique for the color schemes.

This technique is perfect and ideal when decorating any space; In addition, it is used by graphic designers when they have to combine colors for their designs.

One of the things we notice about this technique is that, in addition to the basic notions of color.

Colour Schemes For Home Decoration – The importance of the color scheme

Color schemes guide choosing materials and colors in a space and can dictate the overall design direction of a stretch. Systems can start with an inspirational image, a piece of fabric, a paint sample, or a found item, or start with a color that you wish you had in your home.

This is where the color wheel comes in. Three types of color schemes can derive directly from the wheel. Analogous colors are placed directly to the left and right of a stain on the wheel. These are harmonious colors and are ideal for monochromatic (tone-focused) schemes.

Complementary: This is the color directly across from the color on the wheel (imagine the straight line drawn through the center of the circle). Each color has precisely one specific highly contrasting color. These are generally used as accent colors.

Triadic: These three colors surprisingly create a triangle on the color wheel. You can find them evenly spaced in thirds around the wheel. These high-contrast schemes will create a space full of character. A triadic scheme is a solid direction if you’re looking to infuse color and personality into your home while maintaining harmony.

From there, you will be able to identify two types of colors, warm and cool. These define the hue of the color or how it will look in the space. The warm ones are those with red undertones and the cold ones with blue undertones. Also, warm and cool tones divide in half on the color wheel, with warm tones ranging from yellow to red while cool styles range from green to purple.

Colour Schemes For Home Decoration – Surfaces And Other Key Elements

Remember that tiles or floors, carpets, and furniture come in less variety of colors than paint, so we advise you to select them first. A key to all color schemes is balance, so if you choose some vibrant fabrics for sofa upholstery. You’ll probably want to tone down that paint selection for the room they occupy.

Pattern and color tiles add a lot of visual excitement to the room and should be similarly balanced with more somber or serene color palettes. On the other hand, plain tile and stone often act as base materials that can use with understated or vibrant color schemes.

As you can see, the selection of the color scheme deserves a lot of thought, consideration, and passion. And as important as it is, it’s also one of the most rewarding phases of design because it allows your personality to shine through in the home or space you’re renovating.


Colour plays a fundamental role and has a direct influence on people when we talk about color and choosing a color palette for the house. We talk about a very personal issue, and it is true that depending on the personality and tastes.

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