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Diwan Set For Home – Definition, History, Description, and More

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Diwan sets to enhance the perfect ultimate touch to any theme in your living area  The  Diwan Set for home will be using for Living area or hall. It will place only in the open place to make it look perfect and furnished, diwan is also Known as Sofa Set.

What Is Diwan In House?

What Is Diwan In House_

Diwan sets are pretty standard in Indian homes and offer a traditional artistic look to space. The diwan sets can be placed in different areas of the house, such as the bedroom, kids’ room

Diwan Set For Home – History

Divan, also spell diwan, or dewan, Arabic diwan, in Islamic societies, is a “register,” or logbook, and later a “finance department,” “government bureau,” or “administration.” Iranians used the term divan until near the 19th century to mean the central government. The first divan looking under the caliph Umar I (634–644) as a pensions list, copy free Arab warriors entitled to a share of the spoils of war. R hereditary pensions were assigning  to warriors entering the divan out of rents and property taxes exact from conquered farmers and landowners. Later the term came to signify an economic institution, and, by the time of the caliphate of Muawiyah (661–680), it meant a government bureau, e.g., the chancellery or the postal service.

In Arabic literature, the term refers to a collection of poetry. In contrast, in Mughal India, from Akbar (1556–1605), the time was chiefly will  associate with government finance, the chief finance minister being the divan, with provincial dawawin under him. The divan became the imperial chancery head by the grand vizier in the Ottoman Empire. However, a consultative assembly of senior officials summoned by Selim I in 1515 was also called a divan. The term was early extended to mean the audience chamber of necessary government officers, whose offices, furnishing  with mattresses and cushions along the walls, account for the extension of the meaning of divan to the sofa. The English East India Company, during its period of administration in India, called its revenue administration “Kewanee.” In modern Turkey, a divan is an administrative unit in rural areas.

Diwan Set Description In The Indian World

In the Indian world, the title is use to designate a minister, usually of finance and taxation under Muslim rulers . And  particularly under the Mughals. It was use, more rarely, with the sultans of Delhi to designate the minister of the army. The Mughal emperor entrusted to the divan, by his appointment, a portable desk of precious metals adorned with precious stones and gold inkwell as the symbol of his office.

The term decline during the Mughal period, entitling the ministers and their ministries Divan-i Am, Council of the Emperor. Divan-i Arz, Ministry of the Army, Divan i-Qadi, Ministry of Justice, Divan-i Bândagan, Ministry of slaves, etc. Its variation in Dîvan-i Am and Diwan-i-Khas is the denomination of the courtrooms, the first public and the second private, found in Mughal forts, such as the Red Fort Agra or Red Fort of Delhi.

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Enhance The Grace Of Your Home With A Faultless Diwan Set

How to Decor Your Home with a Faultless Diwan Set?

If you are looking for living room furniture, diwan sets are excellent options, even in modern homes. They are pretty versatile and serve many different purposes. You can practice the diwan as a sofa throughout the day or as a bed for the night. The seamless diwan set will add royalty and grandness to the interiors. But the diwan set for the living room should also match the design and the decor of your living room. You can even use cushions and bolsters for the care of the back. Since it is impossible to keep your diwan set design, you can give it a complete makeover with diwan linens.


Diwan sets are short-seating sofas with a mattress or a large cushion on a wooden frame. These are usually placing  against a wall to arrange the pillows for proper back support. However, they offer valuable seating space for guest or a day nap in the living room. Diwan sets have their origin back in the Persians. They made these luxurious seating preparations, but they are still widely use in Indian homes today.

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