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Benefits of the Sun for Our Eyes

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Sun for Our Eyes. The radiation of the sun is whole of unlike wavelengths. Due to the high energy emitting, some of these wavelengths, for example, gamma rays and X-rays, are blocked by the earth’s atmosphere. However, the atmosphere allows other radiation with less power to perform the ultraviolet (UV), visible and infrared. From the ultraviolet, UV-C lump by the earth’s atmosphere and, on the contrary, UV-A, and UV-B, though they can induce eye injuries due to their exposure.

To avoid the harmful effects that can generate exposure to UV-A and UV-B at eye level, the use of approved sunglasses with a filter against ultraviolet radiation recommend.

Since Sunlight is not Always Harmful

Since Sunlight is not Always Harmful

In the natural look, which we inform about advantages. Until it is relatively recent, it assumes that vision should only protect from exposure to ultraviolet radiation. However, it has been shown that exposure to high-energy blue light can also induce changes in the central area of ​​the retina. In addition, its exposure increases because mobile phones, tablets, and computers also emit. In this sense, to reduce exposure, ophthalmological lenses, contact lenses, and screen shinbones, block blue light.

It found that sunlight also impacts body health and even visual health. In particular, sunlight is essential to increase the body’s defense as it also engages in the formation of vitamin D since it can not include in the amounts recommended in the diet. In addition to the advantages of solar radiation, It found that the blue-turquoise light is responsible for regulating circadian cycles involved in regulating body temperature and the storage processes. And ophthalmic lenses that block visible high-energy blue light in optical facilities do not allow blue-violet light, and the light blue turquoise leaves the light blue turquoise.

Natural Optical Optometry Centers

Which is the entire Spanish geography, we recommend that you enjoy the sun with the arrival of spring. In situations where the radiation effect is more significant, such as in the high mountains or the sea. For example, we recommend consulting opticians for the most recommended sunglasses. Depending on the activity to be done. Sun for Our Eyes – It is always necessary to buy sunglasses in authorized optical facilities to ensure that they comply with the current European regulations. We will also assume that the European Community (EC) seal and the filter category are specified within the framework.

Solar Effects

In the mythology of many cultures, the sun was a God. In many civilizations in history (Egyptian, Mesopotamia, Greek, Inca, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese) and religions (Hindu).

As a deity, the cult of the sun recall for centuries to date inspire a large number of artists. Who has to render countless songs to the Earth Quant of the Homage of Winders of Opportunities? Pacemen and Greater or Smaller Success.

We have registered our lives based on this massive glowing star, and its advantages are countless, even in our economy. The apparent test is 75.3 million foreign tourists who flood our beaches in 2016 and fulfill our cities. And cities in search of this heat and this color, which is so Spanish.

But not Everyone can Praise

Sun for Our Eyes – The “Digital Signage” sector has been booming for several years. A boom that has only started and whose trend is to continue to grow. In total digital transformation, dynamic panels are gaining in conventional poster ground.

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