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What Are Sous Vide Prepared Meals?

Sous vide prepared meals are just as they sound – meals that have been prepared and cooked using the sous vide technique. But what exactly are the sous vide cooking process? Once thought to be used exclusively in higher-end restaurants, the sous vide cooking method involves cooking food in an airtight, vacuum-sealed bag that has been submerged in preheated water. It’s a more time-consuming process, as when things are cooked using the sous vide method, it’s considered to be more of a low and slow type of cooking style.

A great thing about sous vide style meals is that they require little to no preparation work whatsoever, simply because they help to retain the food’s natural flavors and overall integrity. When the dish is combined into the vacuum-sealed bag, the bag helps the food to cook in its natural juices and flavors. Over time, the dish begins to absorb those flavors more and more, making the food extremely tender and flavorful overall! Today, sous vide style cooking isn’t only popular in higher-end restaurants or for at-home chefs, but it’s becoming especially popular in several other industries, as well.

What Industries Are Sous Vide Prepared Meals Best For?

Today, the sous vide method has quickly gained traction in several commercial industries outside of simply just the restaurant setting. In fact, listed below are a few of the most popular industries where sous vide prepared meals are being served!

  • Airlines & Travel
  • Retail
  • Restaurant Chains
  • Food Services
  • Military & Government
  • K-12 Education

Of course, there are thousands of other opportunities for sous vide prepared meals to potentially expand in future years, as well. Depending on the industry, finding the best sous vide solution will take a little bit of research. There are companies such as CuisineSolutions that work with not only individual consumers but also large organizations and overarching industries to help deliver sous vide prepared dishes that are bound to be not only flavorful but extremely nutritious as well. The best part? Sous vide dishes are already vacuum-sealed, meaning that they can be easily stored and used at a later date if needed. This is why so many industries are quickly turning to sous vide-prepared dishes for all of their dining needs.

What Makes Sous Vide Prepared Meals So Great?

As mentioned previously, there are several unique benefits associated with sous vide prepared dishes, especially when it comes to their commercial use. Most importantly, sous vide meals help to deliver quality and consistency each and every time. Listed below are a few of the other benefits associated with sous vide prepared meals.

Little to no Preparation or Clean up Required

One of the biggest benefits associated with sous vide prepared meals is the fact that little to no preparation or cleanup is required. This is primarily because the food comes prepackaged and prepared. In other words, the preparation work is already done for you. All that’s left is for you to serve and enjoy! Afterward, there is also very minimal cleanup required, especially considering you didn’t have to do any preparation work or actual cooking of your own!

Food Lasts for an Extended Period of Time

As mentioned previously, sous vide prepared dishes come already prepackaged in a vacuum-sealed bag. This helps to eliminate waste, as well which typically occurs when you’re unsure how much food to prepare. In other cooking scenarios, once the food is cooked it may be able to last a few days in the refrigerator before needing to be disposed of. However, sous vide-style dishes come prepackaged and can easily be returned back to storage for use at a later date. This also means that sous vide style dishes help to achieve optimal order-to-serve time, as well as help to improve overall profitability for the industry they’re being used in.

Several Different Meal Options are Available

There are also hundreds of different sous vide style prepared meal options available. Many people tend to believe that sous vide style cooking involves primarily meat. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, just about anything can be prepared sous vide style ranging from meats to vegetables, yogurts, condiments, cocktails, and desserts. This is just another reason that sous vide prepared meals are taking off so quickly in the market – Because there are so many different options available so there’s a large ability to mix up your food offerings, as well.

What Sous Vide Prepared Meal Options are Available?

You may find yourself curious about what prepared meal options are available sous vide style. In short, there are hundreds upon hundreds of different options ranging anywhere from sandwiches to desserts, salads, bowls, and so much more. Listed below are a few commonly served sous vide-style dishes.

  • Meats (Chicken, Duck, Ribs, Salmon, Lamb)
  • Soups
  • Egg Bites
  • Salads
  • Sandwiches
  • Vegetables (Cauliflower, Carrots, Asparagus, Collard Greens, etc)
  • Pasta

It’s no surprise why sous vide prepared meals are quickly gaining traction within several different industries today. If you’re considering sous vide prepared meal options for your future dining experience, the first step is to get started today!

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