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Are Egyptian Cotton Sheets Hot?

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Are Egyptian Cotton Sheets Hot? – Selective sheet shoppers know that Egyptian cotton is the pinnacle of luxury, and for good reason. Sumptuously soft and exceptionally durable, Egyptian cotton holds up through multiple washes and resists pilling, ripping, and tearing. Additionally, Egyptian cotton bedding is beloved for its cooling qualities. Breathable and absorbent, this fabric keeps heat and moisture away from your skin. The end result is that sleepers wake up cool and refreshed no matter how high the temperature rises. At Pure Parima, we’re passionate about supplying 100 percent Egyptian cotton bedding made from fibers picked by hand in the Nile River Valley. Keep reading to learn more about our sheets  and discover the answer to the question of are Egyptian cotton sheets hot? (Hint: the answer is a resounding no!)

A Cooler Option for Sleep

Wondering why Egyptian cotton sheets tend to keep sleepers cooler? The answer lies partly in the fibers. Egyptian cotton is grown from extra-long staple cotton fibers that were hand harvested along the Nile River Valley. Strong and silk soft to the touch, these fibers are less likely to fray or break. As a result, Egyptian cotton maintains its smoothness and breathability no matter how many times it’s laundered.

For the most cooling night’s rest, we suggest paying careful attention to your sheet’s weave. The two most common weaves for Egyptian cotton sheets are sateen and percale. Featuring a three over, one under pattern, sateen is a heavier and warmer option. The tighter weave allows less heat to escape. On the other hand, a percale weave features a one over, one under pattern. This looser weave lets heat and moisture pass through so even the warmest sleepers can rest comfortably. We recommend choosing a percale sheet if you suffer from night sweats or reside in a warmer climate.

Thread Count and Breathability

While weave is one of the top factors to consider when selecting Egyptian cotton bedding, thread count also plays a key role. Typically, higher thread counts tend to correlate with bedding that’s softer but also warmer. Pure Parima’s testing has indicated that a thread count between 400 and 800 is ideal for both comfort and breathability. However, it’s worth noting that only 800 threads can fit in a given square inch of fabric. Sheets with a label of 1000 or even 2000 likely get away with the deception by featuring several strands of multi-ply thread twisted together. This composition is lower in quality and results in a denser, rougher product. For the very best night’s rest, we recommend avoiding bedding made from synthetic fibers or blended cottons.

Ensuring Your Sheets Are the Real Deal

Speaking of misleading customers, there’s only one way to know what you’re buying is pure Egyptian cotton. At Pure Parima, every bedding item we sell bears the coveted Cotton Egypt Association seal of approval. This designation indicates that sheets are crafted from 100 percent pure Egyptian cotton that originated in the Nile River Valley. Not only are CEA bedding products softer and longer lasting, but they’re also less liable to irritate sensitive skin. If you want to avoid rashes and general discomfort, opting for Egyptian cotton is the best call.

The Best Cooling Cotton Sheets

With summer temperatures still tipping the scales, it’s natural to want to invest in a cooler bedding option. The good news is that Egyptian cotton can keep heat and moisture away from your skin, ensuring you stay dry and fresh throughout the night. Here are some of the best options for those seeking a more comfortable night’s rest this season:

Ultra Percale Sheet Set | Hotel Collection

The ultimate in cooling comfort, our Ultra Percale Sheets Set mimics the fresh, crisp feel of the sheets found in a five-star hotel. Part of the Hotel Collection, this elegant bedding option features a matte finish that feels as great as it looks. As a bonus, the timeless design ensures the set melds well with your current decor. Available in sizes twin through king and California king, the Ultra Percale Collection comes in an array of on-trend neutrals. Choose from White, Carbon, Bone, and Slate. Like all our products, the set is OEKO-TEX® certified so you know it’s crafted free from non-harmful chemicals. It comes complete with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two coordinating pillowcases.

Yalda Sheet Set

While percale is generally considered the gold standard for cooling sheets, some of us simply prefer the softness of sateen. Fortunately, our Yalda Sheet Set is light enough to keep you comfortable no matter how high the mercury rises. Crafted with extra-long staple fibers that were picked by hand, the Yalda Set includes double-hem stitching for added durability. It comes in a wide range of shades, including classics like White and Ivory and less common options including Midnight, Charcoal, and Linen. The silky-feeling set comes in all the traditional sizes as well as twin XL, Cal king, and split king.

Ultra Sateen Sheet Set | Hotel Collection

A new addition to the Pure Parima lineup, our Ultra Sateen Sheet Set proves that simple doesn’t have to be dull. Featuring single needle stitching, this luxurious set is made from extra-soft sateen and features clean, lovely lines. The result is you can decorate your bedroom with ease. Part of our Hotel Collection, the Ultra Sateen Set comes in White, Ivory, Icy Blue, and Charcoal. Customers can choose from sizes queen, king, and California king for this collection, which includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. With a thread count of 500, the collection is the ideal marriage of softness and breathability.

Discover the Benefits of Cooling Sleep

Clearly, Egyptian cotton offers a cool and refreshing night’s sleep beyond what synthetic fabrics can deliver. However, that’s just one reason that customers choose Pure Parima’s 100 percent cotton bedding over other options on the market. Another is that we manufacture all our sheets and duvet covers without harmful chemicals and substances. That’s why all our products are OEKO-TEX certified for a worry-free night’s rest. Ready to get more sleep? Shop our Egyptian cotton sheets today and start loving your bed again.


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