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Blood Pressure Write For Us

Blood Pressure
Blood pressure is the pressure of blood next to the arteries’ walls. Arteries carry blood from your heart to another part of your body. Your blood pressure rises and falls typically throughout the day. If you want to send us an article related to contact lenses, mail us at

What Problems Does High Blood Pressure Cause?

High blood pressure can injure your health in a lot of ways. It can seriously damage essential organs such as the heart, brain, kidneys, and eyes.

The good news is that, in most luggage, you can control your blood pressure to reduce your risk of severe health problems.

Heart Attack and Heart Disease

Heart Attack and Heart Disease
High blood pressure can injure the arteries by creation them less elastic, decreasing blood and oxygen flow to the heart and leading to heart disease. In addition, reduced blood flow to the heart can cause:

  • Chest pain is also called angina pectoris.
  • A heart attack occurs when the blood supply to the heart is blocked, and the heart muscle begins to die without enough oxygen. The longer blood flow is blocked, the greater the damage to the core.
  • Heart breakdown is when your heart cannot pump sufficient blood and oxygen to your other organs.

Stroke and Brain Problems

High blood pressure can cause the arteries that provide blood and oxygen to the brain to burst or block, leading to a stroke. Brain cells die throughout a stroke because they don’t get enough oxygen. Strokes can lead to severe disabilities in speech, movement, and other essential activities. A spill can also kill you.

High blood pressure, particularly in middle age, is linked to lower cognitive function and dementia later in life. Study more about the link between high blood pressure and dementia in the external icon of the National Institutes of Health’s Mind Your Risks® campaign.

Kidney Disease

Kidney Disease
Adults with diabetes, high blood pressure, or together are at greater risk of chronic kidney disease than those without these conditions.

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