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A wig is a head or hair accessory made from human hair, animal hair, or synthetic fibres. The word wig is short for a periwig, making its first known appearance in English in William Shakespeare’s The Two Gentlemen of Verona. Some people wear wigs to conceal their hairlessness; a wig can be used as a less invasive and less expensive alternative to medical hair restoration therapies or religious reasons.

Basic Types of Wig

Types of Wig
Weft and monofilament based wigs are often worn by short-term wig wearers, e.g. chemotherapy users, while lace, silicone, and suction cup bases are more common for long-term wig wearers.

1. Weft Base

Also referred to as weft, weft foundation, hair weft

The vast majority of artificial wigs and hairpieces are produced on a machine made weft. Some wigs and strands of human hair can also be built on a weft. Wefts can also be sewn by hand, but this is rare.

Weft based wigs can be a little rough and itchy on the scalp. Wearing a wig cap underneath or lining the wig with silk can help make the wig more comfortable.

2. Monofilament Base

A monofilament base is a sheer fabric base with the hair tied/tied by hand in a particular pattern similar to natural hair growth. This base can be used to make all or part of a wig. For example, having a human or synthetic hair wig with a monofilament top but a weft base for the sides and back is pretty common.

A monofilament base uses a unique technique to produce hair similar to naturally growing hair. This sheer base and clever design create a very real-looking scalp as if the hair was growing straight out. This technique also means that the hair can be styled in different ways, as the hair can be brushed in different directions, making it easy to change a part or direct the hair in a particular style.

3. Lace Base

Delicate lace fabric can line a specific area of ​​a wig. The wig can be a ready-to-wear or custom-made wig. Most often, lace is worn on the front hairline and the crown of the head. The knotting/hand-tying technique apply to tie hair into lace or mesh. The sheer nature of the lace placed against the scalp with the hair pulled back is virtually invisible to the human eye. This means that wigs, hairpieces, and hair replacement systems look natural.

Lace is a very fragile fabric and, therefore, not as durable as a weft and monofilament basis. The base is often used in wigs, hairpieces, and hair substitute systems worn by long-term wig wearers. This is because they seem best when placed on a bare scalp. Once new hair begins to grow, it can be challenging to attach the base of the cord to the hair.

There is much growth in this type of fabric that looks and feels very real with advances in technology producing new goods and opportunities for wearers of wigs and hair systems. New systems and options are regularly released on the market.

4. Silicone Base or Suction Cup

The silicone base requires an entirely hair-free scalp to ensure suction fit, making it only suitable for use when the scalp is completely bare. If new hair appears, you will need to prepare to shave it. Otherwise, the wig will not fit, and the suction will not work. Considering the time it takes to make the wig and the fact that you must have a bare scalp, this often causes a silicone suction wig to be unsuitable for chemotherapy users and more suitable for those with hair loss long term hair.

Small silicone pads button-sized pieces of silicone also sometimes use to fasten hairpieces, silk wig liners, and other wig bases to the scalp.

Silicone can outline areas or outline an entire wig, hairpiece, or hair replacement system. The nature of silicone means that it feels like skin and is very light to wear.

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