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Cholesterol Write For Us

Cholesterol Write For Us

Cholesterol is a kind of lipid (waxy like substances that doesn’t dissolve easily within the blood). These substances run through the blood and reach different parts of the body which necessitate them. Liver is the prime part in the body which produces enough cholesterol supporting the needs of the human body. However, additional cholesterol is extracted from the foods we consume and occasionally the system in the human body functions in getting rid of the excess amount but not completely. Consequently, the residual cholesterol circulates in the blood and causes health issues.

Not all cholesterol is bad as the required amount is actually vital for the human to live. Hence, its important to understand the amount, functions and types of this lipid substance. Overall, its always a good thing to have knowledge about the presence and the level of cholesterol in your body through proper medical tests.

Types of Cholesterol:

The two types of cholesterol are:

  • LDL, which is bad.
  • HDL, the good one.

Too much of LDL increases the risk of cholesterol forming up in the inner walls of the arteries which feed the heart and brain. Whereas, HDL is always the good level of it and is necessary for numerous human body functions.

Preventive methods:

  • Healthy diet: Its always a better option to control your cholesterol level by decreasing the intake of saturated and trans fat.
  • Physical activities: Physical activity is important. Actively performing exercises regularly can help tackle excess amount of cholesterol.
  • Quitting Smoking: By quitting, smokers can lower their triglycerides and subsequently, increase their HDL levels. In addition, it can help reduce any health damages and improve arteries function.

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