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Cancer Write for UsCancer is a group of diseases occurring when normal cells in the body turns into cancerous cells that grow and spread. It is the second most common cause of death in many parts of the world. Thanks to many present medical innovative treatments that are detecting and curing cancer and as a result fewer people are dying compared to the death rate 20 years ago. Simultaneously, medical researchers are detecting independent risk factors associated with the development of cancer to help prevent people from encountering the disease.

Furthermore, cancer starts to build when a gene or several genes mutate and form cancerous cells which create cancer clusters, or tumors. Cancerous cells may separate from tumors by exhausting your lymphatic system or bloodstream to mobilize to other parts of the human body. For instance, a tumor in the breast of a woman may spread to her lungs, making breathing harder. In some forms of blood cancer, abnormal cells in the bone marrow produce unusual blood cells that multiply overwhelmingly. Ultimately, the abnormal cells expel normal blood cells.

What are the symptoms of cancer?

As cancer is a complicated disease, one can have it undetected for years without developing symptoms. On the other hand, it causes noticeable symptoms that get worse in no time. Many cancer symptoms look like other, less serious illnesses. Detecting certain symptoms doesn’t mean that person is effected with cancer. At large, one should consult with a healthcare provider if there’s a change in their body lasting more than a couple of weeks.

Here are some symptoms of cancer:

Unexplained weight loss

Chronic tiredness

Persistent pain

Unusual fevers occurring at night

Changes in skin, mostly moles that change shape and size or formation of new moles.

In addition to above symptoms, other includes:

Easy bruising or bleeding.

Formation of lumps or bumps under that skin.

Breathing difficulties.

Difficulty swallowing.

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