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Cancer Write For Us

Cancer Write For Us
Cancer is a disease in which specific cells in the body grow out of control and spread to other parts of the body. That is to say, to submit your article at

Cancer can start everywhere in the human body, consisting of multiple cells. Human cells grow and multiply (by cell division) to form new cells when the body needs them. When cells age or are damaged, they die, and new cells take their place.

How does Cancer Develop?

How does Cancer Develop?
Cancer is caused by specific changes in genes, the basic physical units of heredity. Genes are arranged on long, tightly packed strands of DNA called chromosomes.

Cancer is a genetic disease, which means it is caused by changes in the genes that control how our cells work, especially how they grow and divide.

Genetic changes that cause cancer can occur because:

  • Errors occur when cells divide.
  • DNA damage is caused by harmful environmental substances, such as tobacco smoke chemicals and sun’s ultraviolet rays. (Our Cancer Causes and Prevention part has more.)
  • They were inherited from our parents.

The body typically kills cells with damaged DNA before they become cancerous. But the body’s aptitude to do this decreases as we age, which is part of why there is an increased danger of cancer later in life.

Each person’s cancer has a sole combination of genetic changes. As cancer continues to grow, additional changes will occur. Even within a similar tumor, different cells can have various genetic changes.

How to Submit Your Cancer Article?

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Guidelines of the Article – Cancer Write For Us

Guidelines of the Article – Cancer Write For Us
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