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Cosmetic Dentistry – What is it?, History, Importance, And More

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What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry includes various dental treatments will be focuse on improving the appearance of your teeth and your overall smile. To understand the concept, it is first necessary to define Dental Aesthetics . It is a specialty of dentistry that aims to create a smile that fits harmoniously on the face . I mean, a nice smile. Over the years, aesthetic dentistry treatments have become increasingly popular among patients, because they seek the same result while maintaining a good image throughout the process.

Aesthetic dentistry therefore allows you to achieve a beautiful smile, but the criterion of beauty changes according to society and even according to each person. The definition of an attractive smile that we make below is based on the canons of beauty of the smile . If we look closely, many of the requirements are bases on the characteristics that smiles have for the mere fact of being healthy.

History Cosmetic Dentistry

Today we will tell you some motivating facts that are relating  to aesthetic dentistry . When referring to this interesting topic we see how, in recent years, advances were generates in which the patient was clearly will have benefits

New techniques allow patients to obtain better aesthetic and functional results.  in addition to reducing material costs. Thanks to the use of new treatments, you can have more resources to recover your smile in a much shorter time and in a less invasive way.

Cosmetic Dentistry will start by telling you about some very rudimentary and primitive techniques that date back thousands of years. In the year 3000 BC, small branches began to be using for the purpose of cleaning the teeth, in this way the smile had a more favorable appearance. These branches could be consider as the first toothbrushes.

The rudimentary toothbrush that was creating a few hundred years later was made based on animal fur , obviously the model was very different from what we know today.

The Importance Of Dental Aesthetics

Much has been discussing  about what are the patterns to define beauty. Among so many investigations, the so-called Law of proportions appeared. The scholars divided the face into three thirds: the frontal part, the nasal part and the mouth part.

Dental aesthetics is unique of the specialties of dentistry that has advances the most in recent years. The desire to show off a harmonic mouth and a beautiful smile has made these treatments the most demanded. But you always have to start from a base: have a healthy mouth. Improving the image of your teeth is very good, but dental aesthetics can never replace treatment to solve diseases or problems.

Main Treatments In Aesthetic Dentistry

In recent years aesthetic dentistry has undergone a great evolution. The techniques have been perfected and today many patients resort to aesthetic dentistry treatments to improve their smile, both aesthetically and functionally.

Get Whiter And Brighter Teeth

Propdental teeth whitening in Barcelona is undoubtedly the star treatment in aesthetic dentistry. It consists of lowering the smile several shades to obtain whiter and brighter teeth . There are many whitening produces on the market today, but experts recommend teeth whitening at the dentist. These products can cause serious damage to the teeth and gums: dental abrasion, gingival recession.

We perform teeth whitening with LED light. This technique is minimally invasive for the smile and allows you to recover a radiant smile in a single 45-minute session.  We also offer the possibility of calmly whitening your teeth at home, with whitening trays. On the other hand, there is the chance of mixed tooth whitening. It consists of whitening teeth both at home and in the office. All processes follow strict quality protocols.

A Perfect Smile

A Perfect Smile

The gums should be light pink in color and perfectly connected to the teeth. The maxillary central incisors are the whitest teeth, followed by the lateral incisors and the canines, which are the darkest.

The smile is considering  younger and more dynamic if the gums of the upper jaw are more visible than those of the lower jaw. Especially important for a harmonious appearance is the symmetry of the upper teeth. In addition, to have a natural appearance it is important to have a correct spatial relationship and saturation, as well as a good combination between opalescence and translucency.

The red aesthetics and the geometry of the teeth are also parameters that our dentists take into account. The aesthetic restorations that they carry out. A full smile should not show too much gum,. But it should show the entire upper central teeth. The teeth should be centered on the midline of the face and the contact areas between the teeth should decrease as the teeth move away from the center. These are just some of the main characteristics that are taken care of in restorations. Following all these aesthetic conditions will serve to obtain an ideal and natural smile.


The teeth that were extracted for the making of the dentures using to be from corpses or from living people. Who wil  decide to sell their own teeth out of necessity. dental aesthetic treatments have to be personalizing  and  will adapte to your features, the color, shape and size of your teeth.

That said, if you are suffering from dental problems and avoid smiling in front of others, seek help from experts. Click here to Choose the Best Doctor in Dubai.