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Food and Beverage
Food and Beverage Service or F&B is a professional manufacturing that comprises restaurants, bars, cafeterias, canteens, foodstuff courts, and other food-based hospitality businesses that provide meals to their customers for various purposes such as meetings, gatherings, recreation, etc.

The restaurant business is a growing industry in the United States. Food and beverage repair workers provide services that enhance a person’s dining experience, including preparing beverages, mixing ingredients to arrange food, serving clientele at a table, transporting orders to the table, and administrating a restaurant section. Email: To submit your article at

Food and Beverage Areas

Here are the different areas of Food and Beverage services:

1. Main Catering Sectors

Establishments in this category are primarily concerned with providing food and beverages to customers. Some examples are catering establishments in the accommodation sectors, various restaurants, and takeaway food.

2. Secondary Catering Sectors

Establishments in which catering is not the primary activity but rather a secondary or support activity are called secondary catering sectors.

Some examples are institutional catering, transport catering, catering services in theaters, amusement parks, department stores, and industrial catering. The main activity of these units is not the supply of food and beverages to customers but rather the activity for which they are created.

Some trains have a store car while others do not. Short-haul flights may not provide catering services on board. The restaurant industry can also be divided into two groups based on the profit motive.

3. Captive Market

Customers cannot choose where to eat and must take advantage of the services provided by certain catering establishments.

For example, children in boarding schools, college students in hotels, hospital patients, the populace in nursing homes, prisoners, and industrial workers.

4. Semi-Captive Market

Semi-Captive Market
Guests have a limited choice of places to eat. In such a market, customers can choose before selecting food and drinks. Once the choice is made, customers cannot settle for what is offered.

5. Non-Captive Market

Guests can choose where to eat. The type of restaurant selected may be a luxury hotel gourmet restaurant, independent restaurant, cafeteria, fast food restaurant, specialty restaurant, or popular restaurant, depending on the following,

Reason for dinner: birthday party, Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary, or company meeting.

Time available to eat: Several customers have more occasion to spend in a café while others have very little time, influencing their choice when choosing the type of restaurant. Business class customers require a business lunch throughout lunch hours as they have fewer occasions to eat.

Customers’ food preference: The type of food they desire, for example, Chinese dishes, South Indian dishes, sandwiches, etc.

  • There is money available to buy food.
  • Time of the day.
  • Distance.
  • Desired environment.
  • Personal experience.

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