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Jeans Shirt For Men – Definition, Tips, Technique, and More

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Jeans Shirt For Men  The denim shirt for men is undoubtedly one of your dressing style’s essential pieces, this critical, always in fashion, coming from the world. The work has kept up with the times,  adapting to new male lifestyles. You wear it just as well in casual mode for a weekend with friends or on  Fridays at the office, as more dressed up. You will choose it according to the circumstances. Western,  casual, or dressy, the denim shirt for men, a symbol of masculinity and maturity in its raw version, will be able to conform to all your desires. It is a critical piece in your men’s wardrobe. Here’s everything you need to know about this iconic men’s piece and how to choose and wear your denim shirt style.

Jeans Shirt For Men –  Tips

The Ultimate Guide To Selecting A Men’s Shirt

Shirt. The base of the gentleman’s wardrobe, the emblem of a man’s elegance, a pillar of masculine style. Beyond the dramaturgy, a truth: every man today MUST have a shirt. Casual or casual, perhaps, dressy and formal. And as usual, quality, more quality, more quality, an inherent characteristic of beautiful things.

But as usual, no totalitarianism: these signs are not exhaustive. Because even if you have plastic buttons not cross-stitched, you must not lose sight of the fact that a well-executed cut and an adorable material remain the two most essential elements.

Jeans Shirt For Men  – Technique To Recognize A Nice Shirt

Jeans Shirt For Men - Technique To Recognize A Nice Shirt

The quality of the material is the ultra-determining element of your choice. The shirt is in direct contact with the skin, and this, sometimes for several hours, must be cut in a beautiful fabric, which excludes the synthetic one (except for detailed textures).

However, It is a 100% cotton, and that’s it. As long as you stay in 100% natural material, everything is fine! This, of course, can be mixed with silk and linen.

Making A Good Shirt

1. The General Appearance Of The Seams

Simply, it is essential to feel good in the shirt and not to notice faults such as:

  • one size larger than the other,
  • a twisted armhole,
  • folds that appear because of a seam made crooked.

I’m exaggerating, but it can happen to come across this kind of case—two explanations an assembly error or a shirt not adapted to your morphology.

2. Regularity And Precision Of The Seam

Suppose a few slight imperfections (sometimes witnesses of a handmade work) cannot be excluded. In that case, a quality garment will be noticed by the precision, the neatness, and the regularity of its seams.  However, easy to inspect on a shirt, the stitches must accompany the curves of the piece: straight on a button placket and nicely rounded on a club collar. The seam perfectly follows the angle of the sleeve. We have between 6 and 7 points per centimeter in terms of density.

3. Fineness Of The Stitches

It can be interesting to have good significant seams on a shirt as much on certain pieces like jeans. We appreciate more fine and close points. Whenever, the more elegant and allowing a precise and robust assembly of the fabric, the delicate stitches will improve the rendering of a shirt. From 5/6 points per cm, we have quality. Seven stitches/cm is the best.

The Different Types Of Fabrics

1. Pima, Giza, Sea Island Cottons

Among the most premium types of cotton are Pima cotton, Giza cotton (in Egypt), and Sea Island. If you see the label “ELS” (Extra Long Staples), it means “extra-long fibers,” an assurance of value. Finally, for the record, the silkiest shirting fabrics I have been able to touch are those of David & John Anderson, with an incredible, almost supernatural “hand.” It almost looks like silk.

2. Poplin

Poplin is a material that is easy to weave, light and pleasing as desired, and ideal for everyday wear. It is often used for professional uses. Plus, it’s easy to maintain! We recognize a quality poplin by its silkiness, quite simply. The more its touch makes you think of silk, the more you are on a qualitative material. To acquire a good experience in the hand of the fabric, there is no secret: go to the most upscale shops in your city (those where shirts easily exceed 150 €) and touch the subjects repeatedly. I have been repeating this for more than a few years.

3 The Denim Shirt

It is now a standard in the men’s wardrobe, and with its typical thickness and matte texture, denim adapts better and better to fitted or even cuts for an elegant and masculine twist. It has adorable outfits! The Italians love to wear it in light denim fabric (the same weight as a classic shirt), a tie, and a suit.

4. Other Fabrics

The so-called “shirt weight” fabrics are a rich and varied universe. Examples include chambray, pinpoint, dobby, honeycomb, piqué, flannel, or even jersey so many textures to explore once you’re already wearing oxford or poplin.


Jeans Shirt For Men is nothing but a denim shirt, and it is closer in its cut to the traditional men’s shirt. Often offered with a chest pocket, it is made from more delicate and softer denim than the western model. You will finally find it quite relaxed with its buttoned collar. However depending on the circumstances, you can choose to wear it with the collar open or closed. You will have no trouble matching it with your other clothes. Buy it risk-free.

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