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Top Silk Kurta For Men – Variety of Fabrics

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Silk kurta for men – If you are looking for a silk kurta suitable for any occasion, this section will be very useful. This is because all the kurtas given here are silk kurta for men stylishly wearing in summer. You will feel comfortable when you wear these. Moreover, these are currently available at low prices. So don’t forget to buy these kurtas available at significant discounts and low prices.

Top 5 Silk Kurta For Men

Its fabric is soft and comfortable to wear. The top 5 silk kurta for men can be found in detail in this collection. And also, you can get the best look by wearing these with matching pajamas and pants.

1. Deyann Dupion Silk Kurtas For Men

This stylish white kurta is in trend for both its simplicity and design. The silk material gives it a look that you can easily carry for the occasion and casual wear. If you love and prefer half sleeve kurtas, this piece will be the perfect one for you. And also, Wear this kurta with a churidar or light blue jeans for comfort; you will see how it is one of the most stylish attire.

Material: The fabric of the kurta is dupion silk

Color: White

Styling: Wear this white kurta with a churidar. The benefit is picking colours for your churidar, which will compliment your white kurta. Pick a golden color rajwari footwear to complement your attire the best

Fit: The kurta is a regular fit

And also, Instructions: The kurta must only be dry cleaned. Could you not use bleach or wash it at home?

2. Royal Men’s Khadi Cotton Kurta

Khadi is one material that never goes out of style. Its simplicity is for those who like to keep things subtle. There is no doubt that you get a variety of colors, but the material gives you the required comfort. This yellow kurta piece will provide the perfect style for your special occasion. Wear a white churidar or light blue or black jeans with this, which will become your favorite attire and earn you compliments this festival season.

Material:  The kurta fabric is Khadi Cotton

Color:  A bright yellow color

Styling:  Wear this straight yellow kurta with a white churidar or jeans. For footwear, you can go for simple sandals or stylish slippers

Type and Pattern:  The kurta is a plain type, and it has a basic pattern

And also, Instructions:  This kurta must be washed separately from dark colors. Do not apply bleach to the kurta

3. Indus Route By Pantaloons Men’s Cotton Kurta

Indus Route By Pantaloons Men's Cotton Kurta

If you think short kurtas will suit you the best and you plan on experimenting with something new, this piece will be the best for you. This blue color short kurta will give you a stylish and sophisticated look. Diverting from conventional long kurtas, this is the comfortable fit that will be best for all occasions. Wear it for a celebration or casual office days; your style will not disappoint you.

Material:  The fabric of the short kurta is Cotton

Color: Dark Blue

Styling:  This kurta will give you a casual look with jeans or pants. Pair it up with light blue jeans or black pants along with plain but fancy slippers or sandals

Fit and Pattern: The kurta has a comfortable fit with a solid pattern

And also, Instructions:  It is best if you wash this kurta in a machine and do not use bleach or warm water

4. RC Ethnic Men’s Dark Blue Printed Denim Cotton Kurta Pyjama Set

Men’s kurtas have seen changing styles and designs. This kurta will undoubtedly be your first choice if you have this eternal love for denim. Denim cotton kurta and pajama set will work for your festivities well. Whether you go with the white pajama or churidar set as per your preference, both the looks will surely give you an elegant look. You will enjoy wearing this set as well as love having compliments.

Material: The fabric of the kurta is Denim cotton

Color: The color of the kurta is dark blue

Styling: This Kurta Pyjama set will work ideally for festivals or weddings. Pair it up with the black footwear and a plain golden chain which will give you a different style and look

Collar and Sleeve: This kurta has a Mandarin collar with a long sleeve style

And also, Instructions: This Kurta Pyjama set is fit for machine wash. Apply light iron and do not bleach

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5. Jompers Men’s Cotton Jacquard Kurta Pyjama Set

Jompers Men’s Cotton Jacquard Kurta Pyjama Set

This kurta will give you an innovative style. This will be the best piece for you if you have already tried all the abovementioned options. The cotton kurta will maintain the festive look elegantly and keep it simple if you want to try this on casual days. The regular fit kurta is available in Navy, Royal- Blue, and Steel-Blue colors. The style, as well as the price of this ethnic set, will give you a different look on every occasion.

Material: The fabric of the kurta is Jacquard Cotton

Colors:  Steel Blue, Navy, and Royal Blue

Styling: This set will maintain a unique look and give you a unique style. You can experiment easily with the churidar colors and select a comfortable black or off-white footwear

Fit: The kurta is a regular fit

And also, Instructions:  This kurta pajama set must be dry cleaned for the first wash, and later regular machine wash will be good enough

Variety of Silk Kurta for Men Fabrics

A pair of kurta-pajamas is the quintessential traditional attire for men in most parts of India. Interestingly, Bengalis call a kurta “Panjabi,” perhaps in honor of the Punjabi men from whom they borrowed this attire! Bengal also has their version of this favorite ethnic outfit.

1. Traditional Bengal Kurtas Come in Various Fabrics

Cotton, silk, pure silk, and tussar silk. They range from simple, plain, or printed kurtas to more decorative kurtas with embroidered designs. At Parinita, we offer a wide range of embroidered kurtas. The simpler ones have light and elegant embroidery around the neckline and buttonholes, while the more beautiful ones have ornate designs covering the front of the kurta. Kurtas come in 5 sizes: S/M/L/XL/XXL. Please refer to the size specifications of each kurta to select the right one for you.

2. Cotton Kurtas

They are light, comfortable, and perfect for casual and semi-formal outfits. They came in a variety of colors and embroidered designs.

3. Silk and Cotton Kurtas

These are heavier than cotton kurtas and have a rich, shiny finish with elaborate embroidered designs. They are suitable to be worn at formal parties and social functions. An extraordinary variety of silk and cotton kurtas have hand-embroidered Kantha designs. The Kantha work on these kurtas is done by rural women artisans from Bolpur (West Bengal). Another extraordinary variety of silk and cotton kurtas is the zamindar style kurtas. Instead of buttons down the front, these kurtas have a side slit for tying with strings, giving them a tremendous zamindar-like look.

4. Pure Silk Kurtas

They are made of soft mulberry silk and are very light and comfortable. They are beautiful and come in various colors, from delicate and elegant to bright and eye-catching. Intricate embroidered patterns add to the sheen of these silk kurtas. They are suitable for wearing at festivities and festive events.

5. Tussar Silk Kurtas

Tussar Silk Kurtas for men

Tussar silk kurtas are available in natural shades of beige, cream, honey, and russet and have a golden sheen. The fabric of these kurtas is skinny with a paper-like texture. They are usually adorned with embroidered designs that range from light designs just around the neck to heavy, ornate structures that decorate the entire front of the kurta. These kurtas are suitable for worn during religious and social functions such as pujas and weddings. A tussar silk kurta and dhoti is the conventional attire of a Bengali groom at her wedding.

Traditionally, kurtas were worn over pajamas or dhotis. Today, they are often associated with pants or jeans, giving a contemporary look to this traditional men’s outfit.

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