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meal plan
A meal plan is any strategy used to determine what you or someone else will eat on a particular day, week, or month. Meal plans are a great way to plan and track what you eat.

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Why a Meal Plan?

There are many reasons to plan your meals. Everyone can benefit from meal planning regardless of the goal because it’s a great way to organize and have a weekly road map.

Why a Meal Plan?
Initially, it takes some effort to think about what you will eat next week, but having a plan takes the stress out of planning and preparing meals every day. This can be incredibly obliging for people who work long hours, manage a health condition like diabetes, or have a family to support. You don’t have to stick to your meal plan in the letter; having a rough guide can relieve some of the stress of grocery shopping and preparing meals each week.

Meal planning can also help you stick to a healthy diet. “If you don’t have a set plan, you may be more inclined to order pizza on a busy night, even if it’s not something you’re going to enjoy,” Simon says. But if you know a healthy and delicious meal is waiting for you at home, that pizza or the drive may seem less appealing.

Eating healthier is suitable for everyone, but it’s constructive for people who need to be very careful about their foods, like people with type 2 diabetes or heart disease. Having an eating plan can make healthy eating less overwhelming for these people. You don’t care which foods go with what, and you know ahead of time that your doctor or dietitian has approved these foods to help manage your condition.

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