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Modern Ideas for Styling a Kitchen with Cherry Cabinets

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Modern Ideas for Styling a Kitchen with Cherry Cabinets

As natural wood cabinets continue to be the inspiration of multiple modern kitchen designs, we set out to uncover the fuss about their most iconic varieties, cherry kitchen cabinets. As expected, we came across interesting ideas for working with them, especially in terms of styling.

In this article, we have extensively explained all these remarkable ideas. Are you dying to know how to style a kitchen with cherry cabinets? If yes, keep reading.

Cherry Kitchen Cabinets Demystified

Cherry cabinets are the types of natural wood cabinets that have dominated the interior of many homes for centuries. Despite being around for so long, these emblematic cabinetry designs are still on top of fashion. Their most typical highlight is their rich red-brown tones and straight-grained finishes.

Currently, you can find cherry kitchen cabinets in both vintage and modern-style designs, all of which are wholesomely defined by gorgeous outlooks. The most outstanding fact about cherry cabinets, however, is that they are one of the strongest types of natural wood cabinets you can ever encounter.

According to interior designers, on the other hand, homeowners need to go for cherry cabinets for the following reasons.

Undisturbed Access to Multiple Interior Design Options

Did you know that cherry kitchen cabinets match both traditional and modern-style interior designs? Well, this is good news. Thanks to their compatibility with all interior designs, maple cabinets can allow you to design your cookhouse according to any interior design standards.

With them, you can easily craft a modern-style interior and change it to make it look traditional anytime you want. Therefore, if you ever wished to have undisturbed access to a wide range of interior design options when designing your kitchen, simply opt for cherry cabinets.

Value for Money

According to professional interior designers, homeowners with cherry cabinets installed in their kitchens save up to 50% in terms of costs related to cabinet maintenance. This is based on the fact that cherry kitchen cabinets are 100% scratch and impact resistant. With straight-grained finishing, cherry cabinets can be easily painted or stained in such a way that they will never peel off.


Besides boasting an unequaled reputation for strength and so, durability, cherry kitchen cabinets boast remarkable functional benefits that are so difficult to experience with other cabinet designs. Their rough-grained cherry surfaces make them simpler to clean and maintain while their rich-red appearance can be influential in instilling warmth and life into an interior. Because of their neutral appearance, cherry cabinets can match an array of colors, not to mention varieties of material textures, including metallic and laminate textures.

How to Make Cherry Cabinets Stand Out in a Kitchen

Now that you’ve discovered the benefits of having cherry cabinets, you are probably wondering about ways to fit them inside your kitchen. Don’t fret, though. Here are the most-searched tips for styling a kitchen with cherry cabinets.

Paint or Stain Cherry Cabinets

Considering that cherry kitchen cabinets are easier to paint or stain, you can choose to apply to them a color or color combinations of your choice. Painting these drawers can in aligning their outlooks with the visual design aesthetics marking the interior of your kitchen. Before launching a painting exercise, you must consider the following;

  • Your preferred colors
  • Colors present in your kitchen
  • Your kitchen’s interior design aesthetic features
  • Cost of painting and the painting process

Accessorize Cherry Cabinets

Besides painting cherry cabinets, you can accessorize them to enhance not only their appearance but also the overall appearance of your cookhouse. Because cherry cupboards are seamlessly mixable with a wide range of materials, you will have countless options to pick from in terms of material for accessories.

If you are attracted to modern-style kitchen interior design, you should consider working with metallic accessories and rustic wood appliances if traditional-style interiors are your thing. The main point here is that leveraging cabinet accessories is a more effective strategy for remodeling a kitchen with cherry cabinets.

Outfit the Cabinets

In trying to style a kitchen with cherry cabinets, you can choose to outfit the cabinets by limiting their sizes, removing some shelves, and modifying their frames. Generally speaking, cabinet outfitting is a cost-effective strategy for modernizing the appearance of kitchen cabinets as well as the interiors in which they are. Unfortunately, you can find this activity tiresome, especially if you don’t have the right tools, thanks to the fact that cherry hardwood is extremely hard.

Install Lighting Fixtures

Another pocket-friendly strategy for styling a kitchen with cherry cabinets, according to interior designers, is the installation of extra artificial lighting fixtures, for example, in-cabinet and pendant lighting fixtures. Due to their neutral appearance, cherry cabinets can easily make a kitchen look dull and lifeless, especially if the kitchen is darker.

Will Cherry Kitchen Cabinets Go Out of Fashion Soon?

After discovering many great things about cherry kitchen cabinets, including tips on how to style them, you are most probably praying that they don’t go out of fashion before you go for yours. The good news is that these drawers are currently in fashion to stay.

Considering that natural wood cabinets are now associated with a kind of popularity that seems to lack an ending, you can be sure that cherry cabinets will not be going out of fashion any time soon. Therefore, grab the moment and go for the best cherry kitchen cabinets.

In brief, here are the main reasons why cherry cabinet varieties will defend their current place in contemporary interior design fashion for a long time to come;

  • The increasing demand for environmental-friendly interior décor materials
  • The functional benefits of cherry kitchen cabinets
  • The resurgence of classic fashion in the contemporary interior design industry

Final Thoughts

Cherry kitchen cabinets are some of the most popular varieties of wood-based cupboard designs. Widely revered for their strength, cherry cabinet designs stand out based on their ability to withstand all kinds of traffic, impacts, and smudges. These drawers are compatible with multiple interior designs, including different traditional and modern-style kitchen interior designs.

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