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Mustache Wax Ingredients

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Mustache Wax shapes and tames long lip hair into moustache-like shapes. Commercial polish can be purchased at drug stores or beauty salons, although many prefer to mix their blend to their specifications and needs.

Commercial Waxes

Commercially packaged wax is sold in tube and stick form. Many commercial brands are wax-based, with added colour and fragrance. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Direction (FDA) requires products sold in the United States to list ingredients according to the amount of development in the item, many claims to have specific proprietary formulations. Some products are based on petroleum.

Homemade Preparations

Melted wax is the essential ingredient for making homemade moustache wax—beeswax or white wax that has been grated before melting works best. Soap is also required, either liquid soap or soap oil. Various manufacturers also use castor oil. Water is also needed to make the mixture more flexible. Rosewater is often used.

The most straightforward product to wash off is a water-based mixture. Some groomers use oil as the base ingredient, but these blends require special cleaning of the moustache. It may not be desirable for many users who prefer a more straightforward hygiene routine.


Most preparations contain fragrances and essential oils such as musk oil. Some waxes contain coconut oil. Homebrewing allows you to customize a blend to suit your specific needs and is particularly desirable for those with allergies to perfumes or hair dye.

Waxes used daily can dry the hair, so most commercial preparations include a moisturizer such as cocoa butter or lanolin. These can also be prepared at home. Some brands use artificial dyes like PEG-6, PEG-7M, and PEG-32 to colour the hair and the wax mixture. Preservatives like potassium sorbate and BHT are a staple of commercial products but are often left out in homemade mixes.

Mustache Wax, the Great Unknown

moustache wax? But what are you telling me? It’s usually a common reaction when hearing about such a specific and unknown product.

But don’t be fooled, they’ve been with us for centuries, as have oil-based setting pomades, which shouldn’t sound strange as history is full of famous people who took the word moustache to the next level, Salvador Dalí, Friedrich Nietzsche, Rollie Fingers and we could continue the endless list until we reach Genghis Khan himself.

Relying on roundabout ways, we will clear your doubts about moustache wax.

What Exactly is Mustache Wax?

It is a wax whose main ingredients are usually beeswax, petroleum jelly/paraffin and lanolin, accompanied by essential and aromatic oils to moisturize and preserve the fragrance, such as lavender, sandalwood, coconut oil.

There are different types of setting/hardness. There are different types of setting/hardness within the other moustache waxes (just like with hair setting). It all depends on what goal we have when styling our moustache, whether we go for a soft, medium or strong decide fixation.

When to use Mustache Wax?

Contrary to what you might think, using moustache wax doesn’t require a complicated Dalí style. It’s a lot easier. You’ll need it to keep hair out of your mouth, easy, right? As your moustache or beard grows, you will see how uncomfortable handling moustache hairs when eating or kissing is. Even without doing anything, you will have them in your mouth sometimes. You will find yourself playing with them like candy. That’s why moustache wax becomes a lifesaver. A little is enough to set the hair in place; it’s not always about creating a style; save it so you’re more comfortable and deal with it when you’re doing a lot easier and better

It’s essential when creating a more defined style, and the aroma it gives off will make you want to spend all day trying to get your moustache closer to your nose! We’re sure you won’t understand how long you haven’t used it when you try it.