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How Many Types of Paithani Sarees Are There?

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You can never go wrong with the saree. The six yards of elegance are appropriate for any occasion and dress code.  If you are a saree lover, Paithani sarees are a must in your wardrobe. Paithanis are luxurious and are a sight to behold. You can keep its legacy alive by passing it on to the next generations.

Paithanis are handwoven sarees with rich zari threadwork of silver or gold made from fine silk. The motif and design process is pretty unusual and is done by interlocking and tying threads to the loom’s warp. Therefore, the patterns look like they are inlaid into the saree’s fabric.

You can get different types of Paithanis in the market, and before you buy them, it’s better to know a bit more about them. The details are mentioned below:

1. Banarasi Paithani

Banarasi Paithanis are one-of-a-kind which is a blend of Banarasi and Paithani weaves. The pattern on the saree is a combination of contemporary and classic themes. For grand occasions like weddings and receptions, a Banarasi Paithani in traditional hues like beige and red can make many heads turn.

2. Fancy Paithani

You need a fancy saree in your closet, and nothing can be better than a Paithani. The detailed and exquisite weaving on the body of these sarees adds to the grandeur.  The heavy design on the pallu takes it to another level of attractiveness. These Paithanis are best for bridal wear or for receptions and weddings.

3. Party Wear Paithani

A traditional gathering requires you to bring out your finest silks. You can go for a Paithani with large butis in dark colors and colorful borders. Party wear Paithanis are usually made from art silk. You will get all the attention at a function when you show up in this Paithani.

4. Cotton Paithani

4. Cotton Paithani

Cotton is the most preferred fabric that offers ultimate comfort and elegance. And also, Cotton paithani sarees are made from pure cotton silk combining modern and traditional styles. A hefty pallu with colorful designs and gorgeous borders complements the look of the saree.

5. Georgette Paithani

You can get Paithanis in georgettes as well. These are appropriate for receptions and wedding parties. If you have a thin and tall stature, get your hands on a georgette Paithani and combine it with some diamond jewelry.

6. Marathi Paithani

Marathi Paithanis exude innovation and heritage. This type of Paithani appeals to ladies of all age groups. You can pair the sari with a basic or edgy blouse to complete the look.

7. Peacock Paithani

Peacock Paithanis can make excellent family treasures. These sarees have a woven peacock border, the drape’s focal point. The body of these saris has simple motifs, with the golden zari pallu sparkling brightly. A peacock Paithani can be your best bet if you want an elegant look for the evening party.

8. Traditional White Paithani

A traditional white Paithani has an orange designer pallu and a border with zari work on them. Older women prefer traditional white Paithanis. However, younger women have also taken an interest in this uniquely patterned combination and are a go-to option in religious rituals.

9. Checked Paithani

Checks have an underlying elegance that adds to the wearer’s personality. A chequered Paithani has a classic charm, making it best for any ethnic gathering. You can also opt for any formal appearance by combining it with temple jewelry.

You are spoilt for choices when Paithanis are concerned. But you must know the differences between a fake and a real wedding paithani saree like small border kanchipuram silk sarees. Since Paithanis are handwoven, no two sarees can look alike. Also, the reverse side of a genuine Paithani looks the same as the top side. While in a fake one, you may see threads on the other side. So, make sure you invest in a genuine one.

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