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How to Pick the Perfect Bra for You?

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How to Pick the Perfect Bra for You – The wide plethora of bra styles can leave anyone confused as ever. Whether you are a girl on the go or looking for the perfect kind of coverage – you can find an ideal bra for every lifestyle, desired shaping, and the ultimate comfort.

Suppose you don’t like the seams peeking through your outfit – your solution lies in getting yourself a seamless bra. Each cup of a seamless bra is made of one seamless piece, and the bra is molded in a shape that perfectly mimics the shape of a breast.

A t-shirt bra is more likely to be one of the most comfortable bras for your everyday wear. It is also the most comfortable – it can be seamless or come with flat seams. You could also opt for a lightly lined wireless bra to support and shape your breasts without a wire.

Nonetheless – seamless bras are perfect for any body-hugging outfit.

Bras for Perfect Shape & Support

If your priority is to get a bra for the perfect shape and support, you have a lot of amazing options to choose from. For instance, you could opt for underwired balconette bras for a slight lift and shape whilst being super comfortable on your skin.

It wouldn’t be wrong to state that balconette bras are an ultimate luxury – making them different from your everyday bra. You also have the option of getting yourself one of the demi bras. A demi bra comprises a half cup and pushes both breasts together.

A demi bra can induce the look of a closer cleavage. On the other hand, a plunge bra comes with a deeper set neckline – giving your chest a natural lift and making it perfect for all of your low-neck outfits.

It is essential to mention here that the push-up bra is not just for all the petite women out there. Push-up bras are great for anyone who would like to be a little extra and make their cleavage look great in different outfits.

Almost all kinds of bras have a push-up version – ranging from a slight push-up to a super push-up. Your ideal bra comes down to the look you desire to achieve.

Bras for Coverage & Support

If extra coverage and support are what you are looking for – a full-coverage or a cut-and-sew (seamed) bra is what you should be looking for.

A full-coverage bra has a full cup – giving you coverage and ultimate support in the most natural shape. If you plan to wear an outfit that allows for visible seams, a cut & sew bra can be your best choice.

How to Measure Yourself for the Right Bra Size?

You will want to get the bra size right. Firstly, you will need to determine your band size. You can do this braless or wear a non-padded bra. You will want to use a measuring tape to measure directly under your chest, around your torso, and where your bra band would sit.

Make sure the measuring tape is even-leveled and snug – round to the nearest whole number. If the number is even, you will want to add four inches. If it is odd – you will want to add five inches. Suppose you have measured 34 for the band size; you will want to add 4 to the measurement, which will make your band size 38.

To take the bust measurement, you will want to wrap the measuring tape somewhat loosely around the fullest part of your chest – right at the nipple level, and then round to the nearest whole number. You will also need to measure your cup size.

To calculate the cup size, you will want to subtract your calculated band size from the bust measurement. Your bra size combines your band size with the cup size.

You can also find a bra chart to ensure you are correctly moving up and down the bra sizes.

Tests to Ensure You Have the Perfectly-Fitting Bra

You can do several tests to ensure that you have a perfectly fitting bra. Firstly, you will want to bend forward at the waist, slip on the bra, and then hook it in the back. This way, you will ensure that your breasts are in the cup.

Secondly, you will want to adjust the bands. The back and the front of the bra should all be level. You will want to ensure that the bra is not too loose. Ideally, you should be able to slide only one finger through the band.

Make sure to fix any fallen straps by tightening the band and subsequently shortening the straps. Proceed to put on a close-fitting t-shirt, and if your cups seem to pucker or you have any spillage, these are signs that you are wearing the wrong-size bra.

Look at yourself sideways in the mirror. Your breasts should be somewhere between your shoulders and your elbows. If not – you may need a more tight-fitted bra.


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