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How to Plump Lips with Cinnamon Pepper

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How to Fill Your Lips Naturally With Diy Lip Filler

Plump Lips Don’t have full lips, but surgery isn’t an option? Lip plumping is your solution. Commercial and homemade lip plumping products make your lips look fuller after application.

The effect is temporary but enough to make your look more striking with full lips.

What is behind this unique product? How can you make a similar product at home without damaging your lips? This guide will answer everything.

How does Lip Filler Work?

Have you always noticed how your lips get a little plumper after eating spicy foods? How lip filler works.

A lip plumping product contains ingredients that cause slightly irritating effects on the lips. This phenomenon is called the vasodilating effect, where the capillaries enlarge and bring more blood to the lips.

Some crops contain ingredients of animal origin, such as bee venom. Others use paprika oil extract from chilli peppers.

Bee venom and paprika oil can be dangerous for sensitive lips or allergies. Meanwhile, the new formula mainly uses hyaluronic acid, which offers only a very subtle change for a relatively high price.

The solution: make the lips more voluminous at home!

Safe and straightforward Lip Filler Recipes

You can make your lips plumper at home using essential ingredients that will make your lips look fuller.

Cayenne pepper and cinnamon oil are the two most common, followed by ginger, peppermint oil, black pepper, and other ingredients with similar effects

Cinnamon Peeling

Mix 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder with one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Stir evenly before adding one tablespoon of sugar.

Apply the thick, rough paste to your lips and leave it on for five minutes before gently massaging in circular motions.

Cinnamon Filling for Dry Lips

Start by applying petroleum jelly to your lips (wash your hand first). Place the cinnamon powder in a small bowl and add petroleum jelly to make a coarse paste.

Use a new toothbrush to get the mixture out and gently brush your lips in a circular motion.

Cinnamon Oil

Place a cinnamon stick or two in an extra virgin olive oil jar. Apply the oil to your lips when they start to change colour (about a week after applying the stick).

You can turn it into a personalized gift by using an empty bottle and adding the recipient’s name as a decoration. This natural fullness can last for about a month.

Filled With Cocoa Butter and Cinnamon

Put one tablespoon of cocoa butter in a bowl. Let it melt before adding one teaspoon of olive oil and five drops of essential cinnamon. Stir well before pouring into a clean lip balm jar. Use it whenever you need it.

Having full lips is something most women would do anything to achieve. Make your lips look fuller with safe, natural, and affordable ingredients. The key ingredient in most lip plumpers is an irritant to the lips, which ultimately causes them to swell and appear more prominent. Instead of spending money on beauty products, search your closets at home for plumper lips.

Step 1

Add three tablespoons of petroleum jelly, lip gloss, or balm in a clean, empty container.

step 2

Add one teaspoon of cayenne pepper pepper and one teaspoon of ground cinnamon to the bowl. If using cinnamon oil instead of cinnamon powder, use three drops of the oil.

step 3

Mix with a popsicle stick or toothpick.

Level 4

Spread the mixture on the lips as usual with your fingertip or lip brush

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