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What is Hunt? – Definition, Prehistoric Times, and More

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Definition of Hunt

Hunt Before going entirely into the meaning of the term hunt, we will establish its etymological origin. In this case, we can see that it is a Latin word. Specifically, it derives from the verb “capture”, which can be translated as “collect” or “capture”.

The action and result of the hunt call the hunt. On the other hand, the verb to hunt refers to finding and tracking animals to capture or kill them. For example: “Hunting is prohibited in this region”, “The fox hunting season starts tomorrow”, or “Don’t worry, tonight we’ll go hunting and get food“.

Hunting In Prehistoric Times

humans resorted to hunting, fishing, and gathering food for subsistence. In this regard, hunting allowed people to obtain the necessary protein by eating the meat of hunted animals.

Throughout history, man began to grow his food and raise livestock. In this way, hunting ceased to be a vital activity in most communities.

Hunting currently considers a recreational or sporting activity following specific legislation to prevent species from becoming extinct. However, a significant movement advocates a total ban on hunting to conserve animal life.

The small game means hunting animals such as partridges, rabbits, and similarly sized animals. On the other hand, big game hunting consists of capturing wolves, deer, wild boar, and similar species.

One of the most influential writers of Spanish literature of all time is Miguel Delibes, known for works such as “The Shadow of the Cypress is Long” or “Five Hours with Mario”. An author who has in his bibliography a long list of books on hunting, among which we can highlight “The hunt for the red partridge”, “The joys of hunting”, “The partridges on Sunday”, “The last reserve” or “The Little Game Book

Finally, the term game meat refers to the heart obtained from specimens that have been hunted for consumption. Can make it different from farm-raised or farm-raised beef.

Hunting In Prehistoric Times

Dark. Likewise, we must not overlook Another Essential Concept

which is also up of the word in question. We referring to witch hunts, which was the term used to refer to the actions taken to catch witches and wizards who consider “worshippers” of the devil and the arts became. In the Middle Ages, this hunt was widespread as it see a means of putting an end to those who attack religion.

However, time later, it began to reach other corners of the world, such as North America, where perhaps the best-known case is the so-call Salem witches.

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