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Is Egyptian Cotton Expensive? Best Egyptian Sheets Buying Guide

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Best Egyptian sheets buying guide – There are multiple reasons to consider swapping out your sheets for ones made from Egyptian cotton. While it’s true that Egyptian cotton sheets can be more expensive than other options on the market, they also offer plenty of advantages. Produced from extra-long staple cotton fibers, Egyptian cotton is exceptionally soft and smooth. While other fabrics tend to irritate skin or result in itching and sleep disturbances, Egyptian cotton stays silky smooth no matter how many times you wash it. The end result is a cozy, breathable night’s rest regardless of the season. At Pure Parima, we’re passionate about supplying customers with the best sleep available. Keep reading to learn more about Egyptian cotton and discover why the cost might just be more than worth it.

Benefits of Egyptian Cotton

It’s natural to be apprehensive about investing money in new bedding. After all, you can’t know for sure that you’ll love the product you purchase. Still, there are good reasons so many shoppers are willing to shell out a few extra dollars for Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases. Here are just a few of the benefits that come from choosing Egyptian cotton over the competition:


The slightly higher price tag of Egyptian cotton is due in large part to its exclusivity. Comprising just a tiny percentage of the world’s cotton, Egyptian cotton is grown in only one part of the world – the Nile River Valley in Egypt. Thanks to the mild climate and fertile soil found in this part of the world, Egyptian cotton fibers are able to grow long and strong. These fine fibers are then picked by hand, resulting in a better-quality yarn and a superior night’s sleep.


Extra-long staple Egyptian cotton is also more absorbent than lesser cottons and blends. Not only does it hold dyes well, but it also wicks away moisture. So you don’t have to worry about waking up in a pool of sweat on hot summer nights. For this reason, Egyptian cotton is beloved by both hot sleepers and those who reside in warm climates. If you want to stay cool while still enjoying the coziness of sleeping beneath a duvet cover and sheets, Egyptian cotton is a natural choice.


Of course, no one wants to snuggle up in sheets that are coarse, scratchy, or rough to the touch. One of the benefits of Egyptian cotton is that the fine, extra-long fibers result in a smoother fabric. Unlike synthetics and lesser cottons, this highly sought after material will never irritate your skin while you sleep. Moreover, you can choose from two different textures. While the percale weave has the cool, crisp texture of freshly washed hotel sheets, the sateen weave feels as soft as silk.


Egyptian cotton sheets might cost a bit more upfront. However, savvy sheet shoppers know that they’re a solid investment thanks to their durability. In fact, Egyptian cotton is generally considered to be one of the most durable bedding options on the market. When you choose Pure Parima sheets, you can feel confident knowing they can be washed and dried in the machine and that they’ll get softer with every cycle. Moreover, your Egyptian cotton sheets are resistant to pilling, ripping, tearing, and wrinkling.

Make Over Your Master With Egyptian Cotton

Once you’ve settled on Egyptian cotton bedding, it’s time to choose a weave and style that suits your needs. The good news is Pure Parima customers have plenty of options at their disposal. Here are a few of the fan-favorite bedding options currently available in our online shop:

Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set | Hotel Collection

Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set | Hotel Collection

Want to enjoy all the texture benefits of silk while scoring the health advantages of Egyptian cotton? Satteen bedding is the perfect compromise. Made from 700 thread count Egyptian cotton, our Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set is the most sumptuously soft option in our collection. Triple embroidered stitching ensures this set will hold up for years to come while the matte white base shade melds perfectly with your existing decor. For a touch of whimsy, our Triple Luxe sheets feature a subtle stripe pattern in an array of shades. Choose from Gold, Arctic, Teal, Graphite, and more. Size options are queen, king, and California king.

Ultra Percale Duvet Cover Set | Hotel Collection

Ultra Percale Duvet Cover Set | Hotel Collection

Not everyone enjoys the feel of silk against their skin. If you prefer the fresh, crisp texture of hotel bedding, the Ultra Percale Duvet Cover Set is a great way to upgrade your bedroom look. Part of our Hotel Collection, this three piece set comes complete with a duvet cover and coordinating pillow shams. With a thread count of 350, the collection is guaranteed to soothe the senses while keeping you cool and cozy year round. This regal bedroom collection comes in colors White, Bone, Carbon, and Slate. It’s available in sizes full/queen and king/California king.

Yalda Pillowcase Set

Yalda Pillowcase Set

Many of us like to wash our pillowcases more frequently than other bedding items, and with good reason. Your pillow is the place you rest your face while you sleep and a buildup of dust and oils can lead to acne and other issues. If you want to pick up an extra set of Egyptian cotton cases, we recommend investing in Pure Parima’s Yalda Pillowcase Set. Made from extra-long staple Egyptian cotton sateen, our Yalda pilowcases feature double-hem stitching and a side envelope closure. Customers can choose from a wide selection of fabric shades including neutrals like White and Ivory and more intriguing options like Soft Peach and Icy Blue.

Invest in Better Bedding With Pure Parima

When you invest in Pure Parima’s Egyptian cotton sheets, you aren’t just getting a bedding product that bears the Cotton Egypt Association seal of approval. Our products are also OEKO-TEX certified, meaning they’re manufactured free from harmful chemicals or substances. Buyers can feel comfortable about the place where their families are laying their heads at night. Ready to give your bedroom a much-needed upgrade? Shop our Egyptian cotton sheets today and discover the difference quality bedding can make in your days and your nights.


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