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Upgrade Your Skin Care: The 5 Must-Try Swaps in 2023 for a Glowing Complexion in 2024

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Upgrade Your Skin Care: The 5 Must-Try Swaps in 2023 for a Glowing Complexion in 2024

Skincare and Haircare are like an ocean, evolving every year with newer trends that come and go. But it is essential for you to stay ahead of these trends if you want to maintain healthy skin and stronger hair at all times. If you are a person who is not aware of the skincare trends in 2023, then this blog will be a comprehensive guide for you to upgrade your skin and hair care routine.

So, let’s explore the top 5 swaps that you can do to upgrade your skin and hair care routine before the arrival of 2024.

1. Level up Your SPF Game with Mineral Sunscreen:

When it comes to skincare, sunscreen is the one product that you cannot skip in your routine. This is because sunscreen is considered the No.1 antiaging tool that can delay photopigmentation, wrinkles and more. So choosing the right sunscreen is vital to maintaining healthy, ageless skin. We all know that sunscreens are classified into chemical and mineral sunscreens based on the UV filters they contain.

In recent days, chemical sunscreens have been getting a negative image for two reasons: 1) Studies are coming up to say that the chemical UV filter can potentially cause endocrine disruption in humans on long-term usage; Also, it is important to note that only mineral UV filters like Zinc Oxide and Titanium dioxide are approved safe for use in pregnancy by the US FDA. 2) Chemical UV filters like oxybenzone and avobenzone pose a threat to the environment by affecting marine ecosystems.

For these reasons, it is best to make a prudent choice by shifting to a non-nano mineral sunscreen like the SAFESCREEN® range from CHOSEN®. Customized for Indian skin types, this range of mineral sunscreen is based on non-nano Zinc Oxide and is free from parabens, chemical UV filters, artificial colours and fragrances. By choosing a mineral sunscreen, you prioritize your skin’s health and preserve our planet’s health.

2. Avoid Physical Scrubs and Choose Chemical Peels:

Most of us believe that rubbing the skin while washing our face can make it look bright and healthy by removing dirt and grime. But are you aware that you are damaging your skin by doing this? Yes! Physical scrubbing by rubbing your face vigorously or using apricot and walnut scrubs can damage your skin barrier and increase the chance of pigmentation.

That’s why DIY chemical peels are trending now, as they can give you the so-called ‘healthy glow’ without damaging your skin or worsening pigmentation. Chemical peels typically contain Alpha or Beta hydroxy acids, which slough off dead skin cells seamlessly from your skin. While hundreds of brands have these DIY peels, it is best to choose chemical peels that dermatologists for Indian skin curate. You can check out the Light Routine® and Milk Route® ranges from CHOSEN®, which are based on salicylic and lactic acids. These peels are gentle yet effective to use at home, revealing a smooth and more radiant complexion.

  1. Did Skin Whitening Steroid Creams & go for Re(d)covery® serum:

The craze to achieve fair skin in India has led many people to use skin whitening creams. Most of these creams can contain hidden steroids or triple combination, which, though they give you a good brightening effect, can cause rebound worsening of pigmentation on long-term usage. So, it is best to seek safer alternatives to achieve a brighter skin complexion. One such alternative is the Re(d)covery® tranexamic acid serum from CHOSEN®. This face serum has a good customer base as it has multiple benefits to offer to your skin. Apart from skin brightening, this tranexamic acid serum can reduce skin sensitivity, acne, and acne spots and even recover steroid-damaged skin. Studies have shown that tranexamic acid has equivalent efficacy and much lesser irritation potential compared to hydroquinone. So, if you are someone obsessed with skin brightening, switch to a safer alternative like the Redcovery tranexamic acid serum.

  1. Pycnogenol® is the new Vitamin C:

What if you get to experience a serum that’s 20 times more potent than Vitamin C? Yes, there is a molecule now available in India that is more powerful than Vitamin C, and that’s Pycnogenol®. White Pine® serums from CHOSEN® contain this exclusive plant antioxidant, Pycnogenol®, which can give more skin benefits than the conventional Vitamin C serums. One of the main drawbacks of Vitamin C serum is that it oxidizes easily on exposure to light and air. Also, Vitamin C serums can cause irritation and sensitivity in some individuals. On the other hand, White Pine® Pycnogenol® serums do not cause skin irritation. Instead, they help reduce acne, improve skin texture and maintain a healthy complexion. Also, White Pine® Pycnogenol® face serums remain stable for a long period.

  1. Shift from Hair Growth Oils to Research-Proven Hair Growth Serums:

In today’s modern lifestyle, due to poor dietary habits and inadequate sleep, hair fall has become a common concern, irrespective of age. When we face hair fall, we always try using hair growth oils or keep changing those oils, believing that it will control hair fall. But the fact is that hair oil is just a conditioning agent and has no direct role in hair growth. Also, hair oils can be highly comedogenic and can clog your pores, aggravating dandruff on the scalp and forehead & back acne.

That’s why switching to research-grade hair growth serums can be a wiser choice. So look for hair growth serums with actives like caffeine, redensyl and melatonin. These ingredients are studied to reduce hairfall and promote hair growth. You can check out Morning Lark® and Night Owl® hair growth serums, which not only provide hair growth benefits but are also non-greasy and do not exacerbate dandruff or acne.

To conclude, start using mineral sunscreen, choose home chemical peels over physical scrubs, achieve skin brightening in a safer way with Re(d)covery® tranexamic acid serum, shift from Vitamin C serum to White Pine® Pycnogenol® serum and go for hair growth serums rather than hair growth oils. By doing these swaps, you are just a few steps away from healthy skin and stronger hair in 2024. Upgrade Your Skin Care

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