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How to Use a Stand Mixer or Hand Mixer?

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Mixer Despite the variety of small and large appliances that today occupy the catalog of kitchen appliances, the blender is perhaps the only truly essential. Or at least it is the most valuable and practical tool for everyday cooking, so it is crucial to know how to choose it well.

Because we talking about generic mixers, the many different models with the most diverse functions, technologies, and designs. How do I see which one suits me? Below we look at the main types of blenders on the market and they recommend that users choose the perfect blender.

In defiance of the mortar, an ancient kitchen tool that’s still essential (and nine recipes to use it)

Directly to the Palate

In defiance of the mortar, an ancient kitchen tool that’s still essential (and nine recipes to use it)

Exactly is a Blender Mixer

Our friend, the RAE, doesn’t give us too many clues to clarify precisely a mixer or blender: it’s a banging instrument. The Gastronomy Dictionary explains the term better for us. However, it is more focused on the professional field, defining it as a “machine used to mince, liquefy, whip, assemble or mix a product or different genres after a previous refinement phase or grinding is used beforehand. To obtain a product with a minimum particle size distribution”.

Whisk Mixer

Because cooking was more than just transforming food through heat, it became necessary to develop instruments that would help change the texture. Hands, trowels, and mortars we mainly used for centuries, until the manual or machine spread in the 19th century, the most recent models of which still use today.

The first patents for crank mixers came with the industrial revolution, and little by little electrical power incorporate to move primitive motors. In 1922, the first blender, or blender, was Dorn in America, and by mid-century, virtually every home in the country had one.


Here we know them as American mixers because the most successful model in our country is the model known as the multiplier or arm mixer, whose uses are sometimes interchangeable but have different functions. This model design and patent in 1950 by the Swiss Roger Perrinjaquet under the name Bamix.

Technology hasn’t stopped evolving over the past few decades, and today, we have a wide range of state-of-the-art blenders to choose from with the widest variety of functionalities designed to make our lives easier. Each type has specific purposes, and we may not interest in all of them.

Hand Mixer with Arm, Hand, Foot, or Blender

Why is it still known as Minichimer in Spain? Everything has its explanation, and it is that this mixer model became viral thanks to the version developed by the Catalan engineer Gabriel Luella for the Primer company, an acronym for Little Industries Mechanic-Electrical Renitas. It was first marketed under Minimizer in 1959, making a deep impression on Spanish consumers.

Mini First

The company later acquire by German multinational Braun, making updated versions of this primitive blender. Although theoretically, only blenders from this company blenders. It is common for the term to be use today to refer to any similar model from any company.

The term blender also often use associatively for these mixers. However, it is another derivation of a registered trade name, the original mixer of which was a stand mixer.

Description and Recommend

A simple arm or hand blender consists of a vertical body of two parts, the motor with the handle and a long arm with the blades protruding from the end. This machine is usually accompanies by an elongate glass in which it is a whippet and emulsifier to avoid splashing. Although it can also use directly in other containers.

The Mini primer is designed to shred, emulsify and whip. The shape and power of the blades, together with the movement exerts by the arm, allow the preparation of sauces. Creams and purees and is the best tool for emulsifying and integrating ingredients. And also separate by their nature such as water and oil. That’s why it’s perfect for making homemade mayonnaise and related sauces.


With a hand blender, we can make fine creams and sauces by blending the ingredients straight through

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