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Eye Care Write for UsAdopting healthy habits and taking specific preventive measures is essential to preserve visual health. We explain to you the rules that adults and children should follow to take care of our eyes and sight.

Vitamins and mineral supplements complement the diet in sick or older adults who do not have an adequate diet and in patients who present ophthalmological pathologies that require a greater intake of them. The ocular surface remains transparent thanks to the lubrication of the tear film. When blinking, we cover the eye with said film. When we fix our eyes on the computer, the television, or a book, we reduce the frequency and amplitude of the blinking.

This causes dry eyes with discomfort such as redness, pain, and reflex tearing. To avoid them, it is advisable to use artificial tears on these occasions and in adverse environmental situations (heating, air conditioning, smoke, etc.). Furthermore ultraviolet (UV) radiation produces acute and chronic alterations in all eye structures. It is essential to shield them, even on cloudy days, with approved protection (UV filter) sunglasses.

Precautionary Measures

In the case of any contamination by any substance which is deemed harmful for the eyes, the affected person shall never rub their eyes. Instead they shall take immediate measures like washing the eyes with plenty of clean water before heading for any medical professional advice (ophthalmologist). Practicing healthier and safer habits like using appropriate glasses will protect the eyeballs from solar radiation and potential trauma and damage caused by environmental factors such as wind, dust and sand. In addition, adequate lighting is essential to reduce visual fatigue. We must place the light source in such a manner that the light rays shall not fall directly on our eyes while reading or working at office or at home. When working with the computer or watching television, avoiding light reflections on the screen is necessary.

Relax the Ocular Structures

The ocular structures are responsible for accommodation (focusing), and relaxing them periodically reduces the visual stress of a long-held task. We recommend taking your eyes off the focused object (screen, book) every 15-20 minutes for about 10-15 seconds.

Educate the Children

Educating children and making society aware of the necessary measures to care for the eyes, those organs that allow us to discover and enjoy the wonders surrounding us to ensure good visual health for the future and prevent numerous eye diseases that continue to these commandments could be avoided.

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