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From Makeup Artists to Brand Managers: Exploring the Diverse Career Paths in Beauty

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From Makeup Artists to Brand Managers: When we think about the health and beauty industry, the first thing most of us picture is the latest YouTube influencer or the sales assistant at Sephora. The reality is, as of 2023, the global beauty industry is worth a staggering $573 billion per year. The ever-growing beauty sector extends far beyond the makeup counter or the red carpet, with over 670,000 people in the U.S. currently working in this industry across many diverse roles.

Looking to join them? Here are some of the most rewarding career paths in beauty:

1. Aesthetic Nurse

Influencer culture and the age of social media have contributed to a sharp increase in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. With Botox booming, one intriguing career path is in high demand of new recruits: aesthetic nursing.

An aesthetic nurse is responsible for delivering or assisting in the delivery of a range of specialized cosmetic treatments, including dermal fillers, Botox, and laser therapy. The role requires medical expertise along with a keen eye for aesthetics. The job description might sound daunting if you’re new to the health and beauty sector, but a Botox training certification, such as this one in Miami, will arm you with the knowledge required to deliver top-notch services. While demand for aesthetic nurses can vary by location, job opportunities are available nationwide. With the popularity of anti-aging treatments unlikely to wane, this potentially lucrative career will be a stable choice for years to come.

2. Makeup Artist

One of the most common career paths in the beauty industry is makeup artistry. However, don’t discount this option purely because it’s popular. Makeup artists are no longer being booked just for special occasions, like weddings and proms, but also for work lunches and nights on the town. With the increased pressure to be permanently ‘social media ready’, the industry has remained lucrative even as Youtubers and TikTokers put a spotlight on this glamorous career.

To succeed as a makeup artist, you don’t need to be able to draw. However, some artistic flair and an understanding of color theory is vital. Strong communication skills are also key, as you will need to help your clients translate their vision into words. Although some makeup artists are self-taught, enrolling in a comprehensive course can help you learn tips and tricks, like how to manage dry or mature skin.

If you’re passionate about Hollywood and have a creative streak, stage or film makeup is a fascinating off-shoot of this career path. As an SFX makeup artist, you’ll use prosthetics and makeup to create realistic wounds, wrinkles, birthmarks, tattoos, and other features, using actors as your canvas.

3. PR Specialist

Most industries rely heavily on PR specialists to promote new products or create hype around individuals and events. The beauty industry is no different. Working behind the scenes at a beauty brand, your role as a public relations expert will require you to create engaging marketing strategies, promote products, write press releases, mitigate PR disasters, and conduct market research to gauge brand performance. This high-paying role requires sensitivity, the ability to think on your feet and well-developed communication skills to meet and identify the expectations of both internal and stakeholders.

4. Product Developer

If you’re less interested in aesthetics and more enamored by chemistry or logistics, a role behind the scenes as a product developer might be the perfect fit.

Product development is a huge process, comprising many different potential roles. If you’ve got a background and degree in science, for example, product testing and cosmetic formulation might suit your talents. If your strength lies in law or occupational health and safety, a role in regulatory compliance could match your skill set. For creative types, graphic designers will always be needed to oversee the packaging and design process.

Other roles in product development include market researchers and financial analysts to assess production costs.

5. Brand Manager

Not for beauty industry newbies, brand manager is a prestigious role with a lot of responsibility and a salary to match. As a brand manager, you would be tasked with overseeing all aspects of a beauty brand to ensure its success. Your role would include developing marketing strategies and product portfolio management. Using market research, you would also be responsible for building and maintaining a strong brand identity that resonates with the business’s Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

With the beauty sector growing exponentially, so are the number of exciting vocational paths available in the industry. Why not start your career in beauty today?


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