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Contouring is the process of shaping part of the face and enhancing facial structure with makeup. It’s a technique previously reserved for runway models and high-end photo shoots, now part of many people’s daily routines, thanks to Instagram celebrities and makeup artists who share a passion for the chiseled look. To submit your article, drop us an email at

How to Contouring: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Contouring: A Step-by-Step Guide
Contouring should emphasize the natural shape of your face and will be different for each person, depending on your bone structure and face shape.

Prepare the Face

As always, start with skincare: wash your face and apply moisturizer to prevent makeup from building up around dry skin or rough lines. Primer is optional, but with more complicated makeup, you may want to do this. The primer acts as a buffer between your skincare and makeup products, allowing both to work better and last longer. Even out your skin with a bit of foundation and concealer in shades that match your natural skin tone and undertone, covering blemishes or discoloration.


The easiest and most familiar way to contour is to take your darkest shade and use it to create a shadow under your cheekbones. Find your cheekbones by sucking in your cheekbones and tracing the product along the hollows of your cheeks, following the natural shape of your jawline and temples. Depending on your face shape and unique facial features, you can place your shadow in one of three places: along the sides of your nose, in the form of a “3” that follows the hairline, under the cheekbone, and the line of the jaw; or in the shape of an inverted triangle framing your cheeks. Play with different lines, and sculpt your face with shadows until you find the look that suits you.


Apply your lightest shade or highlighter to areas of your face that naturally reflect light: the forehead, bridge of the nose, the tip of the nose, top of cheekbones, cupid’s bow, eye area, and the forehead bone. Use a slightly lighter concealer than your skin tone, a shimmer (no shimmer!), a highlighter, or eyeshadow.


Applying blush to the cheekbones isn’t necessary to achieve a contoured look, but it can help your makeup look more natural by acting as a bridge between the shadow and highlight areas.


Blending is essential since you’re working with shades that don’t match your skin tone. Using a large fluffy brush, smudger brush, or makeup sponge, blend shadows and highlights into the skin or base coat until the lines you created appear more natural.

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